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Right now, it is natural to feel overwhelmed by the media, worrying facts and the uncertainty of all of this Covid-19 business. I would like to start with a light reminder: allow yourself to feel whichever emotions are arising in you. Maybe, you need some time to hibernate and provide your body a rest through this quarantine adjustment period. That is OK. To do nothing is OK. However, if your motivations are calling you to kick yourself back into work-mode, you are in need of a structure or even some positive words to inspire you, read on!

We have all been placed in a situation with a lot of free time. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could leave this long outside hiatus with something to show for it? Yes, binge watching Gilmore Girls for a fourth time whilst creating your entire gang on Sims 4 does still count as something to show, although this post is more directed at improving connections with others and aligning goals.

Each of the following steps are all ways to improve this time spent (mostly) indoors. Goal-wise, it’s a chance to live like the successful individual you are! It may even inspire you to reach further with the time you have been provided. There is also some elements to maintain the soul in here too – it’s important to keep a balance of work and joy. Every one of us in this current global situation has 24 hours in each day. Let’s see what we can make of those. 

1. Learn Something New

At the planet’s most technologically advanced stage, we are lucky to have access to so much from the safety of our bedrooms. Language apps, podcasts, YouTube (and the rest) offers so much, many for free! Why not use this time to study something you have always wished to learn?

I’m committing one hour a day to a free course on the Open University. It’s given me a chance to learn about how the mind forms opinions and emotions; why humans hold prejudice; and how we each have a unique perception. We may be in this situation for a while, so consider the difference even ten minutes a day on a language app (I use Duolingo and Memrise) could build your knowledge by the time we are back to our old routines. 

Through a more spiritual perspective, it’s a perfect opportunity to open your heart to What Is, and see what love and gratitude you can pour into the present moment. Try a short meditation practice or incorporate a gratitude list into your routine. Gratitude is proven to improve mental health as well as raise your emotional vibration into alignment with your goals! I have been using this time to read some incredible books on the Law of Attraction and mindfulness, such as Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, and It’s All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson.

2. Perfect That Morning Routine 

I’m sure we are all familiar with the influencers who have their morning routines down to a T, and a vlog to show for it! Well, that could be you, too. (It’s not currently me, but we’re working on it.) Try waking up half an hour earlier each day, with something to look forward to and encourage you away from your duvet. Maybe it’s a delicious breakfast, or the whipped coffee we have all seen breaking the internet. Perhaps it’s an episode of your favourite show to watch whilst you wake up. 

Alternatively, if you prefer the ‘rip the bandage off’ approach, set your alarm super early each day for a week and force yourself into the habit. I prefer to ease myself in – right now I am aiming for 8:30am. Currently, I have made it only to 10. I look forward to reaching that early morning rise, perfecting it as a habit and cherishing those few hours in the house where I am the only one awake. Sometimes, these end up being the most productive times of the day. 

A tip to making it out of bed during the AM is to go to sleep with a tidy space. When you know that you are arising into a clean bedroom, you are much more likely to find the motivation. I like to spend five minutes before I settle in the evening clearing my bedroom. When I wake up, I know I can get straight into whatever I choose to do first. 

3. Connect

You know how it is trying to maintain contact with friends. Often, life and geography gets in the way. Before you know it, it’s been eight months, a break-up, a new boyfriend and two new jobs that have gone amiss! How wonderful it is to finally have schedules matching up, friends getting creative with social video chats and so much time to talk and lift each others spirits. How often do you really get the chance to have all of your best friends in one place (on one screen) at the same time? 

It is such a perfect opportunity to deepen your connections with those you love. Socialising is important, especially for those self-isolating alone. It is, in its simplest form, fun! This week, I put on knee-high boots and perfume for a Google Hangout Pub Quiz. It was entirely worth it for the feel-good factor of getting ready just for my bedroom (however, I did come 6th). 

One game I am envying during this time is We’re Not Really Strangers. A card game of questions to play with others, it covers topics such as first impressions, “How are you, really?”, and cards that encourage you to ‘dig deeper’.  Following the account on Instagram for some time, it has been so heartwarming to see the stories of people baring their souls and connecting on such an intimate level. To leave this period of isolation with a closer bond with friends is a blessing we did not realise many were missing. 

4. Exercise

Up your one walk of the day to a brisker pace, a run, or comple a 30 Day focused challenge. Incorporating exercise into your week is a great way to keep a steady release of endorphins and positive energy. It also acts as an outlet for any stress or worry you may be feeling (which is completely normal). It’s something to hold yourself accountable for each day (maybe workout with someone from your household, or commit to working alongside live videos). I find maintaining a routine to be easing my worries, as well as the exercise clearing my head.

Why not set yourself a goal to come out of this lockdown with a peachier bum or stronger arms? Who said ‘Hot Girl Summer’ had to be cancelled too? 

5. Start That Business or Side Hustle – Now is The Time! 

Guess what? “I just don’t have enough time” is no longer a valid excuse! To have the free online resources available to us, audiobooks, podcasts and oh-so-precious time – this is the perfect opportunity!

Dedicate a couple of hours each day to working your way to success. Pair this with your new and improved morning routine, and you have basically granted yourself extra hours in the day specifically for your goals!

Two books that I have been loving right now for motivation are The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles, and You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. Get creative with it – spend time in the morning visualising your dream life as you drink your coffee, create a vision board of everything you desire! Practice gratitude for what you have, whilst working for what you want.

A quote that I read yesterday, which has made it straight onto the wall above my workspace is – ‘What is obvious to you is amazing to others’. This is the perfect chance for you to build your self-belief, decide what life you want to live and get started on it! Everyone has a unique skill and message to share – share it! 

This is a chance to get clear on what life you want to live. Mirror the positive, successful energy that you demand back from life – it will return to you two-fold!

How are you going to leave lockdown? Which step(s) will you incorporate into your daily routine? Do you have any other key aspects of your day that are aiding your productivity? Let me know! Email me at [email protected]

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