When we talk about someone ‘losing it’ we often mean that the person is very angry and about to yell at someone or they are feeling overwhelmed.

Losing it need not be a negative experience. In fact, losing it, and losing it regularly may make you happier…

Here are 5 ways ‘losing it’ can help you become happier:

1. Losing Your Mind

Lose your mind
to have an

Losing your mind is not about becoming insane. In fact, it is about becoming sane. In a world where we are so overwhelmed with information and things to do, it is very important to spend time away from our thoughts.

A great habit is to meditate once a day. Meditation is about giving your mind a rest so that you can focus yourself into the present moment. For those who find this difficult, simply spending a few moments a few times in your day where you sit still, take in a deep breath and switch off from your racing mind.

By slowing down for a few minutes you start to feel more in your body and less in your mind.

2. Losing Yourself In The Moment

The greatest moment
to experience happiness
is now.

By focusing on what is in front of us right now instead of past events or the endless things to do on our to do list we can enjoy the gift of the present.

When we have single minded focus on the task at hand, whether it is writing a work report or doing the dishes, we lose our sense of time and lose ourselves in the moment. Multi-tasking keeps us firmly in our mind as we lose focus with too many tasks to perform.

When we are in the flow with what we are doing, not distracted by text messages, emails and phone calls there is a sense of ease, some call happiness.

3. Losing Yourself Inhibitions

Let go of self-consciousness
and experience total consciousness.

Have you ever been to a social engagement where you felt at home? You weren’t self conscious of your appearance or what others thought of you. Maybe they were close friends or family that knew and accepted you.

You may have felt relaxed where you can ‘let loose’ because you felt like you could be yourself. It is amazing how time can fly and before you know it hours have passed in what felt like a blink of an eye. Notice how ‘loose’ and relaxed your body feels when you are in this state as muscle aches and tension melts away.

When we lose our self depreciating chatter long enough and be present to the joy in front of us we often wish these special moments would last longer.

By losing your ‘self’ for a moment in the moment you lose your inhibitions and embrace the moment.

4. Losing Your Attitude

Change your stance and you will
change your circumstance.

Sometimes by losing our attitude it opens up our mind to new ways of seeing our world. Happiness is all about perspective.

Two people can witness the same event and have two totally opposing experiences to it. As they say, your attitude determines your altitude. By letting go of thoughts that no longer serve you then you open your heart for happiness and new experiences to enter.

Losing your view on something can open you up to new perspectives, vistas, opportunities, and moments of happiness.

5. Losing Your Cool

Find your cool again
by losing it first.

When you feel stuck in your thoughts, it is difficult to make clear decisions. You can let those thoughts keep turning around and around in your head all day. You can allow them to get you all hot and worked up. Or, you can decide to lose those thoughts.

What we think creates our emotions. Emotions are literally, ‘energy in motion’. We can make the decision here and now to hold onto our emotions or release them. Letting emotions build up without letting off steam or expressing them can lead to both physical and mental issues.

If you are feeling angry for instance,  good techniques are to funnel that emotional energy into physical activity such as letting loose on a punching bag, strenuous exercise or cleaning the house. Just remember, emotions are energy. When we are happy we can release it by laughing. When we are upset, better to let it out by doing something physical – shout, scream, exercise. It can be mighty cathartic.

Sometimes you just need to lose it, to release emotion to move forward with decisions, with life.

Benefits Of Losing It

As you can see, losing need not be a bad thing. In fact, regularly losing it will in fact allow you to become happier and maintain your level of happiness.

Losing it can:

• give you greater presence.

• give you perspective.

• help you be in the moment.

• release tension and physical and emotional stress.

• help you to see the world differently and have new experiences.

Lose it regularly and you too will experience greater happiness in your life right now.

Originally published at http://thehappinessshop.com.au