Whether you’re starting a small, medium or big enterprise-level business, stress is given. Always bear in mind that a business that’s not giving you enough stress means it is not growing. Stress and growth are relative to each other because as your business grows and makes a noise in the industry where it belongs, it will always face new challenges that you need to overcome to keep moving forward.

Emerging business owners like you shouldn’t be disheartened by stress while growing your company. Even though stress is already given, you can reduce stress levels by implementing the following.

1. Always remind yourself of the right things.

This is the first on the list from the Entrepreneur.com article regarding beating stress in business management. 

As your business grows it’s easy to find yourself drowned with negative things due to wrong processes and bad decisions. But we often forget the things that are making the business grow. These are your awesome marketing ideas that work like magic, the good people that you’ve welcomed to join the team along the way, the light-bulb ideas that you’ve gambled on and are still making positive progress, and so on. 

TIP: Make a list of all the right things you’ve done for your business and the awesome achievements that come along with it. Then print and hang it, somewhere you can see whenever you’re looking for inspirations to solve your business problems. This will remind you of the great decisions you’ve made along the way. 

2. Use the right business tools.

Nowadays, business owners are getting so much help with available technologies for businesses. Acquiring the right tools for your business is important. This will greatly affect how your team performs. 

The hefty amount of helpful business tools can be daunting if what fits your business well. Conducting experiments like iaas vs pass vs saas and other involved business solutions is a must. Landing into a business tool that’s not fit for the team will cause a mess instead of making things work, simple, and flawless. 

3. Tidy up!

“Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness.” This is pretty basic but the most ignored doable solution to a stress-free business management experience.

Working in a clean and organized environment allows you to use your full creativity in creating business solutions that work. It’s effective because your mind isn’t thinking of uncluttering the workplace first before it can focus on doing something. There will be no competition for your attention if what should you do first.

Avoid comforting yourself with excuses like “Genius people are messy,” and “A messy desk is a sign of intelligence.” This might be true to a very small number of famous genius individuals but notice that most successful businessmen know how to tidy themselves and their surroundings. You should always remember that control of your surroundings has a strong correlation with one’s well-being.

4. The epic stress reliever work-life balance.

There is more than to serving delicious healthy meals for your team. It is feeding their life with juicy and nutritious family, self, and playtime. This releases daily stress thus replacing it with creative juices for tomorrow’s work challenges.

There are two famous ways if how to effectively promote work-life balance in the workplace.

First is to allow your teammates to adopt flexible working hours. Like they can work a few hours before and after the normal shift making way for urgent family and personal time even on weekdays. Secondly, you may allow your teammates to work from home occasionally under certain circumstances and if the workload in the office doesn’t require personal presence.

This should be applicable and practiced by everyone including you as the business owner or the one who’s running the company.

5. Effective reporting. 

Flawless communication within the business is the key to success! 

Before you can make things work, you have relay your golden ideas and solutions to business challenges, effectively. This can be in an oral presentation or written format. But if your team is a mixture of different nationalities, you might experience some inconsistencies with written reports. 

Exert efforts on making your business processes and reporting easy to understand. This will then result in creating brilliant ideas and easily actionable solutions to current business problems; because everyone understands the root of the problem very well. 


Use business tools such as a novel writing software to make reports and business proposals less stressful to read and digest because they are written directly and concisely. 

Implementation and assessment.

The given tips work for most businesses. It’s best to only pick those you deem would be applicable and beneficial for your type of business. Don’t replace your existing business values and employee care program if they are working well for everyone. Rather add some to further reduce the stress levels within the workplace.