The year of 2020 has been tough on each one of us in some way or the other. The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc in the daily lives of people. It crumbled not just the economy but also brought the healthcare system down to its knees. Several people lost their loved ones and many were deprived of seeing their family due to travel restrictions. The markets crashed causing several businesses to shut down and the government imposed restrictions to contain the virus. People were forced to stay inside their homes with their social lives becoming nonexistent. To sum it up people were affected negatively by the coronavirus in many ways medically, socially, financially and mentally. And with the new variants of the virus appearing continuously, it doesn’t seem like the situation is going to get better anytime soon. It can be difficult to stay motivated and see the light at the end of a dark tunnel in these times. Here are a few ways to keep you motivated during the pandemic.

Try and finish daily goals

It is normal to feel and be less productive during these trying times. It is alright if you take a day or two off from your normal routine to get yourself together. The bigger goals in your life may seem unachievable in the current situation and therefore you should try and set up small daily goals which are achievable and focus on them. Crossing off small things in your to do list will give you a sense of accomplishment which will boost your self-esteem and keep you motivated.

Take time out to recharge

Everybody needs a break from the daily grind of life. Continuous work and stress can burn out any individual. It is important to take time off for yourself and indulge in a hobby of your choice. You can cook, sleep, dance, paint, watch Netflix or play games. This will help you to recharge your mind and stay focused on your work.


It is a well-known fact that exercise is not just good for health but it is responsible for releasing the happy hormones in your body called endorphins. Exercise is a sure shot way to boost your mental well-being in these trying times. Exercising at home doesn’t have to be grueling. Exercising for short periods a few times in a day will help you to sweat out the stress from your life and keep up your energy to push through the day.

Connect virtually

Social interactions have become extremely rare during the pandemic especially with people locked inside their homes. Not being able to connect with your friends, family and peers can be detrimental to our emotional and mental health. Thanks to technology, most of us have the means to stay in touch with our loved ones via text, phone calls or video calls. So even if it’s not possible to see our family and friends in person, we should connect with them virtually once in a while.

Don’t beat yourself up

The times have been hard and most of us tend to feel lost in the present situation. It’s very easy to feel down in the doldrums and be less productive. But it’s okay if you falter. You don’t have to beat yourself for not living up to your own expectations. No one’s perfect. You just have to remind yourself about the happy feeling you get after accomplishing something or after exercising and get back to your routine with renewed motivation. Get enough sleep, eat healthy and prioritize your mental health over everything else.

Even though this pandemic seems to have no end, it is going to be over someday and we will slowly reach normalcy. With that hope, let’s try to take one day at a time and live life as it comes.