The hustle and bustle of city life can drain your creativity to almost zero. Trying to keep up with schedules, bills, emails, clients, traffic and kids can leave no room for your creative genius to thrive. If you want to stay on top of your game at work, recharging your creativity becomes of utmost importance. To remain relevant in your career you have to constantly generate new and fresh ideas. This is how you keep up with industry trends.

Taking a step back and retreating from everything will do wonders for your creativity. It is not always possible to get time (or money) to take a retreat to a log cabin in the mountains. You can create your personal retreat where you are. This entails giving your mind a break from the stress and worry of trying to juggle everything in life. Your mind will have the peace it needs to get creative.

This article shows you five simple ways you can recharge your creativity so that you can generate mind blowing ideas when you get back to work.

1. Go for coffee

Not in the kitchen, but in a coffee shop nearby. Walk there. Do not drive or take public transport. The walk will refresh your mind and you might see a creative idea that will spark your own creativity. The whole point of walking to the coffee shop is to free your mind from anything that requires you to concentrate.

When you get to the coffee shop, try a coffee flavor you have never tasted. If your favorite coffee is Cappuccino order for Caramel Machiato instead. A different flavor will evoke new thoughts, memories and especially ideas. Savor every sip!

2. Switch off your mobile data

Pop-ups and notification tones can be distracting when you are trying to get some quiet time. The curiosity of what the notification is about is enough to get you swiping through your phone to also see who is available for a quick chat.

Putting your phone on silent will not prevent messages from popping up and you will see them and get curious. Turn off data for one hour and allow your mind some silence. Daydream for a while if you have to, it helps the process of recharging your creativity.

3. Watch an easy movie

You can watch a movie that does not require much concentration. Go for a movie that is easy to follow and one where missing a phrase will not make you lose the plot.

Switch things a bit. If you enjoy dramas try some action, if you love comedies, try a thriller. This is not a call to change your taste in movies, you are only watching something different for creativity’s sake!

4. Check out DIY crafts on Pinterest

The creativity of others will spark yours. A good place to start is Pinterest. It has millions of do-it-yourself crafts that you never imagined possible. They will blow your mind. In fact, look for creative stuff that has nothing to do with your work.

Pinterest has lots of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Whether its drilling designs on eggshells, transforming mason jars, making mosquito repellent lotion bars or rock painting ideas to keep your kids busy, you will find something to inspire you.

5. Take a one hour nap

Creativity demands switching off your analytical mind even for as little as an hour. Your mind is always busy trying to figure things out and be on top of things. Sleep helps your mind to switch off completely and allow for the renewal of your mind.

A nap not only recharges your creativity it improves your decision making abilities. It also helps you wake up with a different perspective on things. Where your work schedule allows it, take a nap. When the kids take a nap, join them. Grab a nap when you can.

The above ways will come to your aid when you hit a creativity block. Pick one and recharge your creativity today. You can thank me later.


  • Josephine Ngatia

    Freelance Writer

    Josephine Ngatia is a Freelance Writer, who specializes in content related to Christian teachings, God-given purpose and work, just to mention a few. She is the author of three eBooks: Life Purpose: A Beginner's Guide; Demystifying the Grey Kingdom: The Truth about the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of Darkness; and Maiden Book: How to Plan, Outline and Write Your First Book. When not writing, Josephine enjoys a cup of Kenyan tea, reading books and having deep conversations with friends. Throw in a movie once in a while. You can find Josephine on her blog: