As someone who has on more than one occasion taken a huge leaps of faith to live abroad or leave a job I started to reflect on what makes me listen to my inner voice. I have tried many things but here are 5 ways to access what I call your inner GPS. The benefits of being connected to your inner voice or what some call Source are numerous. The biggest one is you stop undermining yourself which can be really challenging if you are trying to make important life decisions. You learn to trust yourself. And have access to more courage for when you find executing your decisions really challenging. I know how I feel more at peace once I have listened and what I radiate out to others changes. I become peace and that changes everything.

  • Hum!

With so many electronic devices demanding our attention, tuning in may seem challenging at times. Humming breath is a great way to deal with sensory overload and to tune into our inner world. Place your index fingers over your ears, take a deep breath, plug your ears and hum until your breath finishes. Repeat at least three times. This slows down your brain waves so you feel more relaxed and more aware of what is going on in your inner world of thoughts and sensations. Dr. Kataria has proven how five minutes of humming can lower reduce your blood pressure between 10 – 20 mmHg

  • Sit in Stillness

You don’t need to go into the desert to access that inner terrain of stillness. Start the day with a five minute stillness practice. You could do this lying in bed just after waking up. There is a delicious state called the hypnagogic state which is between sleeping and waking. Try and extend that state of being still and receptive. Or you can relax in the stillness of water, allowing the water to relax your mind.

  • Sing in the Shower

Yes. I did say, sing in the shower. “If I weren’t afraid I would…” then fill in the blank. In a short time this becomes incredibly liberating.  It just frees up your body and mind which is crucial as being uptight and afraid can dry up access to deeper knowing. A warm shower or bath relaxes your muscles so the tension and mind chatter melt away. The process of tuning in becomes playful and we learn best when at play.  A study by Limerick University ( reaffirmed what many singers know to be the benefit of singing – spiritual and emotional benefits like enjoyment and transcendence. The more the professional the singer, the higher the benefits. The Alzheimer’s Society has also set up a “Singing for the Brain” service to help people with dementia and Alzheimer’s keep their memories.

  • Gratitude Generates Grace

Kick off the day by being thankful for five things each day. This practice uplifts your energy as you will feel wonder for your life and will feel warm and fuzzy before you meet the world. People will feel your warmth and opening heart. This puts you in a great place to fall naturally into your intuitive flow.

  • Listen to your dreams

Can you remember at least one occasion when you got inner guidance but ignored it? Sometimes the cost of ignoring it can be minimal but other times the price can stinging. I finally listened to a dream which saw me selling my flat and leaving for a remote part of India to study an MA in Yoga Psychology. I resisted for a while then took the leap. My biggest job was managing my fear whilst I applied and put my property up for sale. A life-changing experience. I have met those who faced with similar adventure turned down the volume on their inner voice – I could hear the regret in their words. So a quietly painful way to learn what it is and what it isn’t.

I am sure my stories may remind you of other ways that you tune into your own inner compass. These five short playful practices can build your intuition muscle with regular practice. The journey of listening in becomes more enjoyable and full of wondrous wonder once you learn to relax and surrender.


  • Martha Cuffy

    Leadership Coach and Yoga Psychologist

    Wellness Architects

    Martha has been called a Human Architect. She loves working with those eager to live out their purpose and potential they were designed to embody. She chose this path after her MBA with a tech focus and working for Deloitte corporate finance. She listened to her dream and found herself living four months later in an ashram for two years to gain an MA in Yoga Psychology in a remote part of India. She considers herself a mystic in business, using unconventional tools such as Human Design and Gene Keys to align leaders and teams to their inner knowing and purpose. She has advanced coach and facilitator training. She has been applying the Gene Keys since 2004 Mentor and Ambassador. She is a certified Team Diagnostics facilitator. She is a published writer and her Caribbean Primal Spa wellness experience was featured in the leading Travel and Leisure magazine. She has lived and worked across Europe, India and Dominica where she is founding President of the Dominica Spa Health and Wellness Association.