How do you ignite small moments of daily joy? Everyday habits only reach a mundane level of personal fulfilment. Repeating our consistent actions and behaviors requires trace amounts of attention. In hindsight, we complete these tasks because we are used to thriving in a routine. What makes our routine meaningful is being present with often overlooked “hidden joys.” Joy is always within reach; the task creating it in our patterns of normalcy.

Luckily, there are multiple strategies to creating daily joy. Below are adaptable habits for implementing joy into your routine. Remember, one spark of joy creates a positive reaction for weeks ahead. Try incorporating one of these habits on a daily basis: 

1.) Create a Daily “Wake Up” Playlist: 

Getting ready does not have to be dull experience. Welcome the morning by creating a peaceful or upbeat playlist. Musical stimulation has a profoundly positive influence on brainpower. Plug in your headphones while brushing your teeth, hair or picking out a new outfit. I found this to be such a simple additive in daily joy enhancement. 

Another Tip: Create multiple playlists for varying daily “moods.” If you wake up with sadness on the brain, take it for a dance with your “happiness” playlist. Having a playlist for every mood eases the morning transition. 

2.) Eat with Colorful Dining Utensils: 

Eating should be a positive experience. Food provides essential nutrients and energy to support everyday activities. Pick out embellished bowls, mugs and plates for each meal. This sets the tone for making a personal “event” out of eating . To further enhance joy, try personally decorating your own dining sets. Adding a personal touch of creativity is always positive; even if it’s pouring creamer into a newly painted coffee mug!

3.) Connect with a Loved One Everyday:

There is no shying away from noticing social media has marred human connection. The depersonalization of connecting to others is actively rampant. Humans rely on others for emotional support. People thrive off of having personal, intimate relationships. Make a conscious effort to call or meet with a friend, close coworker or family member. Being physically present with someone or hearing their voice stimulates a natural bond. Seeing and hearing someone else’s emotions is a trigger for your own joy; no double tapping required. 

4.) Write a “Daily Affirmation” Every Morning: 

Affirmations are key for living a life with intention. Creating a daily affirmation is similar to having a personal slogan. Start by deciding the topic of your intention: Do you want to inspire a stranger? Uplift your coworkers? Have a positive body image? Sit with yourself and truly decide how to your personal motif. Write your decided affirmation on a colorful notecard and carry it throughout your day. If you feel your actions going off track, pull out your affirmation as a reminder of your purpose. 

5.) Use Visualization Tools During Chores: 

Even everyday chores have the power to stimulate beautiful intentions. Visualization tools are used to attract moments of positivity. Get creative with your personal visualization tactics. For example, as you sweep your floors, visualize yourself “sweeping” negative energy out of the home. As you bathe, use special soaps to visualize “cleansing” your body of negative energy. As you eat a meal, picture the nutrients “hugging” your insides with health enhancements. These actions transition mundane habits to those filled with intention.   

How will you spark joy in your daily routine? 


  • Marissa Ranahan

    Holistic Life Coach

    Marissa Ranahan is a Holistic Life Coach and Content Marketing Coordinator living in Boston, Massachusetts. She has coached numerous clients using holistic, spiritual, and mindfulness-based methods. If you're interested in working with Marissa, please visit to begin your healing journey.