So last week we looked at the ways your perfectionism could be getting in the way of finding love and making it last. Read Part 1 here.

Following on from that, here is Part 2 which shows you the 5 things you can do about it:

1. Bookend your day with “coming home” exercises

Most of us lead very high pressured, stressful lives and we get into the habit of losing ourselves to other peoples demands and expectations and feeling the pressure to be “perfect” in everything we do. When we do that, we disconnect from our core authentic self. But no matter how far we’ve strayed from our core self, we can always return home. And this is what this exercise is all about – small “me time” activities that will allow you to return home, back to your authentic self. If you favour “getting shit done” over “me-time” then this one is for you…

  • List out the small bitesize “me-time” activities that you can do every day that will allow you to return home, connecting with your true self e.g. yoga stretches, meditation, journaling, gratitude, walking, running, looking at a photo that brings you joy, setting intentions for the day, simply being aware of your breath for 60 seconds

  • Choose 1 thing from your list to start the day with and 1 thing to finish it with so you can start and end the day in the right way. E.g. my “coming home” bookend exercises are 10 minutes of meditation in the mornings (using the Headspace app) and a good old gratitude sesh in the evenings (writing down at least 5 things I’m grateful for using the Gratitude app). It means that I start the day on my terms, feeling calm and connected. Then no matter what happens during the day, I go to sleep feeling grateful (this is especially powerful if you can also be grateful for the negative as well as the positive things that come up during the day).

2. Detach yourself from outcomes in dating

The next time you get asked out on a date, go with an open heart and mind and leave the measuring stick at home! Instead of judging them on what they look like and how they come across, ask yourself how you feel when you’re with them? Use your feelings as your internal GPS system. By attaching yourself to how you feel rather than the end result, you can relax about the outcome, freeing you up to enjoy the experience instead. And it’s from this place then everything becomes so much easier and more enjoyable.

3. Talk to yourself like a best friend

Go easy on yourself, especially on those days where you’re feeling like it’s NEVER going to happen for you. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a best friend. If this is alien to you then imagine that your friend is going through it and she’s asking for some advice – what advice would you give her and how would you console her and make her feel better?

4. See envy as a form of inspiration

If you usually sigh when you see a couple holding hands or find it hard to be happy for the friend who’s just got engaged (as you’re secretly a little envious), then shift that energy into inspiration instead. They are showing you what it is you really want!

5. Practice being vulnerable

You can do this in really small ways like accepting compliments when they’re given to you, asking for help and support when you need it or smiling at strangers when you’re out and about e.g. on your way into work.

These are very small but very powerful techniques – try some of them on for size and let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below, or get in touch on FB or Twitter.

Love Vicki x

Vicki is a love coach and the Dating and Relationship expert for and brings a powerful mix of NLP and EFT (Tapping) tools and techniques to courses and coaching.

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