It’s a special honor to support a friend through their pregnancy journey, but it’s also a huge responsibility. Pregnancy is a delicate, transformative time for a mother-to-be. And while this time is filled with much joy, it’s also filled with anxiety and discomfort.

It’s important to provide consistent and loving support that aligns with what she’s feeling, which can change from day to day.

Women pregnant during this Covid-19 pandemic need some extra support! In addition to all of the concerns that come along with pregnancy, they’re also worrying about keeping themselves and their baby safe from the virus, ( coordinating birth plans, which limit the amount of people allowed in the delivery room, and thinking about the  world their child is being born into.

If you have a friend who’s pregnant during this pandemic, then keep reading for tailored tips on how to be the ultimate support system.

#5 Be There, But Don’t Be Pushy

The first thing you should do is let your friend know that you’ll be there for her. Oftentime, we assume that our friends know our intentions, but it’s also important to tell them outright. They’ll take comfort in knowing that you’re thinking of them and that they’re not a burden to you.

During your conversation, empathize with their situation. Let them know that you understand that their pregnancy is occurring during an unprecedented time and that it is normal and okay to feel anxious or scared.

In the event that your friend doesn’t respond to your initial outreach, don’t take it as a slight. Though your feelings may be bruised, know that their unresponsiveness isn’t personal.

Your friend has a lot on her plate right now and Covid-19 has exacerbated those issues. Or they might not know what to say,or feel comfortable accepting help. But know that they appreciate you for offering. And, if the time comes that they do want to accept help, your offer is already on the table. 

You can also send them a personalized card, which can easily be made, via various apps. Just a simple “thinking of you” or “I’m here if you need me” will go a long way!

#4 Send Them Care Packages

Everyone loves gifts, but pregnant women especially!

As their belly grows, it will become harder and harder for them to move around, so shopping trips will become less-frequent. Plus, they already have so much to buy for their little one, so they’ll appreciate not having to come out of pocket for a few luxuries.

What you include in the care package will, in part, be influenced by the personality of the person receiving it, but there are universal items that all pregnant women will appreciate.

Just think of the comfort that an oversized, luxurious robe would bring her. Or the satisfaction that will come with knowing that she already has a breast pump or stretch mark cream. You can also throw in goodies like her favorite low-sugar candies or granola bars — keep it healthy!

And while this gift is intended for the mother, not the baby, we wouldn’t judge you if you included a trinket or two for the bun in her oven!

If the DIY thing isn’t for you, then you can also pay for a pre-made baby box subscription, of which there are many! That way, she’ll get all of the joy from the gift, but you won’t have to put in any of the work!

#3 Throw Them A Virtual Baby Shower

Covid-19 has essentially made in-person gatherings like baby showers petri dishes of potential infections. Even though we’re all itching to get back to normal, it’s just not safe to host large parties with people you aren’t quarantined with.

Does this mean that you have to skip the celebration altogether? Of course not!

You can totally throw your friend a  virtual baby shower that includes all the fun and none of the risk.

Before you start googling baby shower websites, however, look no further than WebBabyShower, the premier virtual baby shower service!

As the first and reigning virtual baby shower company, WebBabyShower allows friends and families to create a fun, unique experience for the mother-to-be and her inner circle!

#2 Do A Video Chat

The world is probably extra lonely for your pregnant friend right now. Social distancing measures mandate limited contact to reduce coronavirus transmission, so their social interactions are severely limited.

Most likely, they’re only regularly around the people who live in their household. While texts and phone calls can do alot to stave off lonely feelings, sometimes seeing a person, and their expressions, is the only thing that will help.

Thankfully that can be solved with a video chat session!

Schedule a time that works with both your schedules and make time to chat with your friend. Unless she has specific things that she wants to get off of her chest, then steer the conversation into fun, light topics.

Talk about pop culture, new recipes, and even baby decor! Your friend will be beyond appreciative.

#1 Buy A Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy is an emotional time in a woman’s life. During these nine months, she’ll experience many highs and lows. And that’s perfectly normal! Give your friend a place to document her feelings by gifting her a pregnancy journal.

Not only will writing down her thoughts be therapeutic for her, she’ll also be able to keep the journal as a memento to look back on in the future.

When it comes to choosing the perfect journal, there’s no right or wrong approach. You could get them a pregnancy themed journal, covered in baby bottles or rattles, or just a pretty, printed spiral notebook.

If you want to go one step further, then you can also throw in a couple of high-quality designer pens.

Did you like any of the ideas on our list? We hope that you found some use from our suggestions, but know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

While our list is a great place to start, know that every pregnancy is different, so every woman will need different kinds of support. Fine tune your assistance based on your friend’s individual personality.

What’s more important than your approach, however, is the offer to help at all. The world is extra stressful right now and many people have trouble asking for help. Your friend might need you, but may not be able to express it in words.

Ease their burden by letting them know that you’ll be there for them, in whatever way they need, and that it’s an honor for you to support them! And if they reject your help, know that it’s not personal!

One last thing: don’t forget to extend your support after the early days of delivery. Many women are bombarded with affection right after giving birth, but after a few weeks, it wanes and they’re left by themselves again.

Most people think that the bulk of the stress drops off after the baby is born, but that’s actually when it ramps up! Make sure that you continue to heck on as the baby hits important milestones – at least for the first year!