We are living through history that will be subject of conversations for decades to come. We are in the middle of an economic mess exacerbated by a global health crisis. People are losing their jobs every day and there is no clear end in sight but there is a way to take advantage of this moment and prosper. It’s perspective. If you were laid off, knowing many other people have as well puts you in an interesting position of power. Let me explain.

When you are seeking new employment your resume timeline will not raise red flags. It won’t even matter if you have a massive gap until later in the year because there are many variables that could keep people from working. This position provides you the opportunity to take your time and plan out your next move. If you can’t afford to be unemployed for a sometime, you can still use this method if you get any full-time job to cover you in the meantime. Here is how can do go about crafting your course to the job and compensation you always wanted but couldn’t think about before COVID-19.

Complete a career audit.

Take out a sheet of paper and add the most current job, your title, your tasks, your projects, the problems you’ve solved, the money you made the company/money you saved the company. The people you managed (if applicable), awards and recognitions you’ve received, skills you picked up, software’s you’ve use. Certifications, educations you’ve earned. Don’t get hung up on writing it like you would for a resume. Complete this audit for the last 15 years of work experience.

Now take your entire experience and determine the 7 biggest wins of your career. The ones that you are most proud of, the ones that make you look like a Boss! These are your power statements.

Dream Job Focus

Take another sheet of paper and write your Dream Job Title at the top. Below that write what the company looks like and what your day to day looks like. What problems are you solving? What tasks or functions energize you about these thoughts? Identify them – those lead you to what will fulfill you.

Start your research

Use LinkedIn to search the title of your dream job. What do you find? Take note of what you still need to qualify for your Dream Job.  What are you missing? Is it years of experience, is it an industry specific “thing?” Have you noticed parallels in what you have gained in experience to the dream job you want?

Work Backwards

Now that you know what you need. Research the roles that makes sense before your dream job. Take note of what you still need skills/experience to qualify for it or you’re ready for the steppingstone role.

Apply for that role or better yet, ‘referral’ yourself into the role

Your dream job will take work to land but is not work if it’s what you love. Use your career audit page and craft a resume and LinkedIn page peppered with skills, experience and problem solving the role calls for. If the role isn’t available, network with people in the company and let them know you like their company and would love to connect since you are, use the title of the role you want to get, and find their company one you’d love to consider you for future opportunities.

Connect with everyone in your industry, with the people directly involved in your dream job and those connected to them. Make sure to have a great LinkedIn profile, add to the conversation by dropping your knowledge where is appropriate. Write on LinkedIn and provide insight because you will come across as the expert your target company will see you. Do this enough and that next role will appear before you know it and then you will build out the next set of skills to propel you forward to your dream job. Do this and you will stop letting your career happen to you but be intentional and have a plant to execute what you really want.

Claudia David is the Founder & CVO of Redzone Talent. She helps people focus their career search and be strategic in their game plan to land their dream jobs at the compensation level they deserve. You can sign up and receive her ebook, Stand out: 10 Powerful Tips to get your resume in the top 1% via her website redzonetalent.com