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Treating yourself is a remarkable way to recharge and keep your sanity in check.

No lie. Having an endless list of responsibilities to take care of can leave you feeling worn out.

But, with a bit of self-care, you can appreciate your accomplishments and give yourself time to slow down and relax.

The exciting thing is that you can treat yourself to affordable luxuries without going broke or taking on debt.

To help you self-indulge, here are 5 simple tips to give you quality “me” time.

1.     Enjoy a healthy meal

If you want to experience the little pleasures of life, you should explore new dining experiences. The fantastic thing about eating out is that you can make it a solo treat. 

All you need is your delicious meal and a comfortable seat at the courtyard or a private booth. Whether you relish a vegan dish or roast chicken, go to a Queenstown café that has an extensive menu and great ambiance.

2.     Have a manicure

Life is too short for you not to pamper yourself. Getting a manicure is an excellent way to look good, have clean, healthy nails, and get time to unwind.

Having your nails done by a professional will help you achieve the same trendy looks you see on Pinterest or beauty magazines.

Plus, since a manicure is a beauty treatment, some salons will give you a full-spa treatment.

3.     Try new drinks

The secret to trying out new drinks is to have an open mind. So, if you usually enjoy a glass of red wine, you should expand your alcohol options and get a cocktail or tap beer.

Experimenting with different beverages is an excellent way to kill routine and create refreshing experiences. 

With Queenstown bars getting more creative with their drinks, you’re never going to run out of unique cocktails to try out. Moreover, it’s a perfect excuse for a fun night out with friends.

4.     Run a bath

There is no way you can perfectly treat yourself without experiencing a spa-worthy bath at home. By running your bath, you have control over the setup. From the bath salts, mood, lighting, and even the water temperature.

To get into relaxation mode, have a tray close by with all your drinks, snacks, or magazines. Choose your bath products based on the type of experience you want. 

For example, drops of lemongrass create a fantastic scent, perfect for an uplifting bath. On the other hand, chamomile and lavender oils are an excellent pick if you fancy a relaxing bath. And, if you want a soothing bath, go for detoxifying bath salts.

5.     Take a nap

Sometimes the best way to pamper yourself is to hit the snooze button. You need time to enjoy a glorious nap away from any distractions.

A few minutes of sleep will help boost your energy levels, brighten your moods, and reduce stress. 

To top it off, with daytime naps and a healthy sleeping pattern, you’ll have beautiful skin free from wrinkles, hanging eyelids, and under-eye circles.

Parting shot

With tons of obligations and a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to neglect the importance of self-care.

Fortunately, by trying out some of these tactics, you can enjoy relaxing moments without ruining your budget.

Plus, to be honest, a soothing bath and a delicious dinner sounds like a worthy reward after a long day at work.




    Sarah Muwombi is a freelance writer that believes that productivity stems from good looks from inside out. She treats her skin with the sticky waters of aloe vera and washes her hair with rice water and has no doubt that her beauty routines are the reason she writes impact driven articles every day. When she's not writing, Sarah enjoys immersing in nature with her super genius daughter-Emily