I know I would not be where I am today with a multiple-6-figure business working just 3 days a week if I didn’t truly understand and honor the value of time.

We’ve all heard people say “time is precious” or “you should value your time more” but how do we actually do it?

Here’s what I’ve come to discover, valuing your time is a MINDSET issue above all else.

It’s not about being more efficient or productive or finding the right app or planner.

Valuing your time starts in your head.

If you are currently in a place where you’re giving your time away for free or very little, you need to start repatterning how you think about your time before you’ll ever see an external shift of more dollars flowing into your business.

So, that is why I am here today with my 5 favorite ways to value your time more. These have served me and my clients very well — I know that they can work for you, too.


Many of us spend all day long reinforcing that “we don’t have enough time” or “time flies” or “I never have time for myself” or “I never have time to work on my business”. Guess what — if you walk around all day with those thoughts in your head or speaking those thoughts out loud, you’ll keep creating more of the same.

Try this one on instead, “I always have enough time for all of my priorities.” Basically what we’re saying to ourselves here is that we make time for what is important to us, and then we can start evaluating what those items are.


If you’re in the habit of saying yes to everything that is thrown at you and putting other people’s needs ahead of your own, you’re basically saying your time is worth nothing. Time is a limited, precious resource, and if we keep giving it away, we’re never going to be able to harness its power and potential to draw in more abundance into our lives.

Make a list of your priorities. Your REAL priorities. Not the ones your partner or mom or kids put on your list. The ones that YOU want to be on your list. If you are not currently making time for them, it’s time to shift things. If you were to look at a typical day for you right now, what would it say about what you value and prioritize? What do you do first thing in the morning — meditate or check emails? What do you do after the kids go to school — feed yourself a healthy breakfast and work on your business or the laundry? What you do on a daily basis is planting seeds for who you are becoming — what are your current choices saying?


Your time is valuable and precious and limited. Don’t undercharge for it. Give yourself a raise! If you are working with clients for pennies, you’re doing both yourself and them a disservice.

Clients show up to the level which they invest in themselves. If you are undercharging, oftentimes clients will not prioritize their work with you in the same way they would if they paid a premium.

Now, this doesn’t mean jack-up your prices for no reason, this means wrap your head around the idea that your time is valuable and worth paying for. And, in demonstrating that to your clients, you’ll help them do the same for themselves.


Envision yourself in 3 years. What does your life look like? What is going on with your business? What do you make time for? What do you no longer give your time away to?

Channel her whenever you’re feeling conflicted about a time-related issue like…

A client wants to move her session to Saturday morning (and you don’t want to work weekends).

Your kid’s teacher asks you to organize a fundraiser.

Your best friend asks you to pick up her kids from school when you already have a consult call booked.

Ask yourself, how would future me respond to these requests?


If you’re having trouble feeling the value of your time, especially as it relates to your business, creating an “I’m Worth It!” list is very useful and fun! Write down all the degrees, trainings, certifications, investments and coaching that you’ve put into becoming the person you are today.

You are totally worth it! You are worth making time for yourself, you are worth charging more, you are worth putting feel-good boundaries around your time.

I hope that these 5 Ways to Value Your Time More are useful to you! If you’re ready to set-up a feel-good schedule that honors your time, get a FREE copy of my 3-Day Workweek Schedule at