How to worry less often

Conflict and challenges are everywhere this year, and for many, anxiety and stress are on the rise.

Have you found yourself worrying more often than before?

With so much change, that’s understandable. Yet, there are simple tools to use that diffuse our worries and help us get back to living the good life.

Let’s check them out!

1. Talk About Your Worries

If you are going through an anxious episode, it helps to talk through your worries. Find someone that won’t judge your thoughts and let loose on everything going on inside your head. You may find that just voicing them gives them less power over you. And often, when our fears are in the light of day, we realize that they are less likely to come true than we originally thought.

2. Give a Gift to Yourself

There are a TON of products on the market that help people calm down and soothe themselves. Candles, mats, teas, blankets, and books could all be extremely beneficial to you.

Check out: 30 Soothing Gifts for People With Anxiety for more.

3. Double Down on Your Self Care Practices

Sometimes, we need to interrupt the worry cycle. Often, this can be done with activities we enjoy and practices that promote relaxation.

So, indulge in more meditation, journaling, and anything else that helps you get your mind right. And perhaps now is the time to explore new self care practices if this is new to you.

4. Focus on What You Can Control

Part of the difficulty this year lies in that there is so much outside of our control. So, when the worries come full force, take a step back.

What can you actually do? Focus on that one next step within your control. Do that. Then, do the next right thing. Just like in the Frozen movie.

5. Have a Plan for the Worries

Finally, if you know that the worries come at a certain time or after an event, make a plan! Have a step by step guide to prevent yourself from spiraling or to help bring you back.

Use the tools above in this wonderful plan!

In Conclusion

We’re all worrying a bit more these days, but anxiety doesn’t have to control our lives.

So, remove yourself from negative input and indulge in plenty of self-care!

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.”

Corrie Ten Boom