One of the purest pleasures of life is travelling. It is a booster for the mind and probably the only time when a person is truly relaxed, without a worry of the mundane lives that we are forced to live every day. It helps you negate the impact of the day to day grind of social and professional lives and helps you reach out to yourself and makes you a better person. Here are five ways how travel
makes you smarter

You meet different kinds of culture

Travelling makes you come across people from different places, cultures, social strata, education etc. As you meet more people and step out of your familiar zone, you assimilate so much of life from them. You experience new cultures, gastronomic delights and so much more. It is an enriching experience which you incorporate in your own life.

Improved creativity

As you travel to different places, you come across various beautiful creations, both of nature, as well as that created by mankind. You bring back these experiences with you and consciously or subconsciously, implement the creativity in your own life as well. This makes you a better human being who aims to bring a touch of beauty and creativity into an otherwise boring life.

You develop self-sufficient attitude

When a person travels, he or she is solely responsible for everything, right from deciding to maintaining one’s wellbeing. This helps you develop a sense of responsibility and a self-sufficient attitude which is excellent for personal growth. Travelling improves you as a person and helps you stay in touch with reality. You understand your privilege and appreciate your blessings.

You become open minded

Because of assimilation of various cultures, you become more aware of cultural differences and start letting go of your personal prejudices. As you realise that cultural pride is nothing but a lack of experience, you learn to respect people and become a better person. You also become more healthy and open minded due to your enhanced awareness which helps you contribute better to the society.

It improves mental health

It is a well-known fact that travelling is good for your body. It improves your health, helps you undo the bad effects of civilisation, cleans out your lungs and boosts immunity. But did you know that it is also highly beneficial for your mental health? Not only does it help you effectively DE stress, it also unwinds your stress, anxiety and other issues. It helps in regulation of the neurotransmitters and improves your mental health. It also boosts a better functioning of the brain which makes you smarter than people who don’t.

Tips for travelling to foreign countries.

l Keep all the necessary documents, booking papers handy and make sure you carry photocopies of your passport on you always, and keep plenty of photocopies of your identification and other essential documents for any emergencies.

l Be respectful and stay away from anything that seems ever so slightly shady.

l Be acquainted with the language. For example, while applying for Malaysia visa online, pick up a few Malay words and it will go a long way.

l Have all the essential contacts handy. Say, you are visiting the USA, you need to know that the emergency number is 911.

l Learn about the customs. For example, if you are travelling to UK, you need to know which are the places that consider tipping offensive.

Travelling is the best addiction that one can have. Not only is it relaxing, it enriches one’s life in ways beyond expectation.