Many people are living a dream-filled life all the time. They have “hacked” their way into it, and probably can help lead you onto your own dreamy path, too.

People, from preachers to salesmen, are always encouraging others to “live the life of your dreams.” Now that seems like a narrow group, and there are more individuals beyond those two groups which say similar words to us.

Just what does “live the life of your dreams” mean? Is it living like a million-dollar celebrity or a humble servant in the mission field? Is it making sure other people are cared for while your own needs go unmet? It’s like a nebulous space where you can make the call, bucko, on what you want your life to look like every single day.

If you were going to live that life, what would it look like? Here are five ways to help lead you to living the life of your dreams:

Dream about your “dream life.” Sounds a little weird? Follow me for a minute. Have you taken any time to dream lately? Just let your mind run free with all of the infinite possibilities which could turn your life from ordinary to extraordinary? Seriously, take some time out of your day or night and dream about this incredible life. Do you want to be a speaker in front of hundreds and thousands of people? Do you have something you are so passionate about that it is simply part of your life right now … and you want to do “it” at a bigger level? Whatever moves your heart, though, is probably part of your own “dream life.” It might be to feel healthier, have a family, or get a new job. Whatever your dream life is made of … just start out with a dream.

Take one simple action. Now that you have your dream life before you, what do you want to do about it? Just leave it as a dream or take a little action toward making your dream a reality? Probably, you are motivated to take a little action on that dream. Pick something … anything … on that dream list and do it. This list might be filled with out-of-this-world possibilities. Good! Then simply pick the easiest one first. Start small and build upon completing that one action. The more steps you take in fulfilling those actions, the more motivated you will stay toward making your dream come true.

Ask for help. This type of action-taking and dream-come-true living is a pretty hefty thing for anyone to tackle alone. What type of help or support do you need to make all of this happen? Seek out other friends or connections who are living out their dreams. Ask them questions. Leave no stone unturned. I bet they’re more than willing to share whatever experiences helped them move from inaction to action. The unlived dream is only YOUR unlived dream … not anyone else’s. If you need help, then ask for it. Make your life an incredible one, no matter what your dream looks like at all.

Embrace the fear. You might think this is crazy, too. Well, it is and it isn’t. Look, everyone feels afraid in life. It’s normal and human to do so. There are those dream-living people, though, who have tapped into ways that eliminate a lot of fears. They probably had similar ones to those which might be preventing you from living the dream life. One thing which I’ve noticed about these individuals is they have learned to embrace the fear. They don’t let the fear(s) run their lives. Discover what fears are keeping your dream life from becoming a reality. Tell a trusted dream-living friend about them, and listen to their responses.

Travel the world. People in business and life, married or single, kids or no kids, actually find ways to see different countries. Numerous friends of mine have been to countries near and far away. “Have passport, will travel” is one of their mantras (I think). I have read that seeing and traveling to other countries offers quite a different perspective to those who simply choose to stay put. Of course, there are people who will warn against traveling because of dangerous areas. Yet traveling the world can be done and if it’s part of your dream life, then get to it!

As you can tell, the one word which ties all of these five pieces together is dream. So, discover what your dream life looks like and get busy making it a reality. Who knows? You might even surprise yourself and learn a few things along the journey.

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