As women become more prominent in leadership roles within their companies, it can sometimes be difficult to combat the issues that they still face in the workplace. Many women have never received proper guidance on how to join in the conversation and make sure they get a place at the table. Other women face blatant sexism throughout their career or do not have their opinions taken seriously. As we work toward greater equality in the workplace, it’s important to educate women as much as possible on what they’ll face in the workplace and how they can navigate some issues that they may have never encountered previously.

Find a mentor

One of the most important steps to take as a woman in business is finding a mentor. Having an older woman to help you improve your career can do wonders for your success. You want to find someone who can talk you through difficulties that you’ll face in your career and can give advice you’ll actually use as a woman in business. When you face hard decisions, a woman who has been through it before can help you find the best path to take.

Read your resources

There are plenty of resources out there to tap into; you can find general business books that offer advice, as well as those specifically geared toward women in business. There are also plenty of podcasts, research articles, and blogs you can look into that’ll offer other quality information. Also consider talking to successful women you admire; attend any lectures you can and educate yourself on all aspects of business.

Speak up

When you’re working, take advantage of opportunities offered to you and speak up about your opinions. You need to ask for your place in business; no matter who you are, it can be difficult to get the recognition you deserve. Even though it can be hard sometimes, put yourself out there and be recognized in business. When you have the chance to work on a new project or lead a team, step up and take advantage of the opportunity.

Put in time

In order to really prove yourself as a leader and further your career, put in the time. Some people can skate by putting in the minimum required effort at work, but if you want to be a leader and seriously improve your career, put in extra time. Get to the office a little earlier or stay a little later. When you work hard, people notice, and it helps them respect you and what you do.

Use your skills

Common advice to women in business is to act more like men do at work and to “be more confident.” While confidence is great, it’s also important to recognize the skills you do possess and use them to your advantage. Research has shown that women often possess better communication skills; use these to your advantage! Instead of trying to emulate skills you may not necessarily have, embrace what you’re good at see how much it benefits your career.

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