The current year has been a tough one and we are unsure when will things get easy as the pandemic does not seem to be going away anytime soon.  The pandemic has not just affected people physically, but it has also caused mental health issues to physically healthy beings. Women are much more sensitive than men when we talk about dealing with emotions as they have been the more responsible being on the planet out of the two genders which is why it is essential to keep her happy during the COVID-19 pandemic by following these 5 tips.

1. Encourage Her with Positive Conversations:

Most people are busy using their smartphones daily. This means we absorb a lot of thoughts, both positive and negative when we go through the content of our phone Why not pass on positive content such as meditation and healing thoughts instead of forwards that may only spread negativity. A small positive message can create a big impact in her thoughts.

2. Let Her Take ‘Me Time’:

As all of us are stuck inside our house along with our families, it is becoming more and more difficult to spend some time alone. You have to make sure to give her some space so she can spend time doing something she enjoys.

3. Motivate Her Towards Self-Care:

As everyone is busy making their ends meet and taking care of their family, most people forget to take care of themselves. Self-care is essential for everyone but especially for women as they require not to just take care of others but pamper themselves too. Motivate her by passing on beauty product stories that will encourage her to invest time and money on herself.

4. Send Her Online Gifts:

Women love surprises, so it will definitely make her happy if you send her a gift by ordering it online. Obviously, due to the current situation, you cannot buy one from the shop, but it is easy to order something on an e-commerce website. Get her a gift that will keep her mind engaged for some time and make her feel positive. If she loves to read, buy her a novel or you can get her a Kindle reader. If she is into art, get her an art set, if she loves music, then get her a musical instrument she always wanted to learn. Be creative and thoughtful as a nice gift not just makes her happy momentarily, but for a long time.

5. Give Her a Day’s Break Every Week:

A woman has to fulfill several responsibilities such as being a daughter, mother, and wife at home. Apart from them, most of them also work full time. As the pandemic has forced everyone to stay indoors, her responsibilities at home have only increased which has become a burden and a cause of stress. It is not advisable to even hire help due to the fear of virus spread. She has to deal with too much on her plate right now, which you can help her with by overtaking the household work for a day so she can take her mind off these things and rejuvenate herself.

The situation all over the world is only becoming more stressful as there is still no vaccination developed to stop the spread of the virus. The sad part is that we humans who have advanced so much in the field of technology are unable to even anticipate the end date of COVID-19 pandemic. The next best thing we can do is to learn how to co-exist with the virus and help everyone around you to maintain their peace of mind until there is a cure.


  • Nataliya Stefanus is a lifestyle Enthusiast and a passionate lifestyle blogger. She's a fan of good food at local restaurants. She enjoys playing bollywall on the beach, reading and spending time with her friends.