Warning: You may have sent one of the following emails in the past…hour.

To: [BOSS]

Subject Line: Is it OK if I were to work from home on Friday, July 14?

Body Text:


Hope all’s well. I was wondering if it’d be OK with you if I worked remotely on Friday, July 14. I figure that asking now, three months in advance, will give me time to prepare for this major big deal event. As you are probably aware, technologies such as Slack, email, iMessage, HipChat, Trello, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram DM afford the modern worker the ability to work from anywhere — anywhere in the world!!! But if you don’t think that’s appropriate, then totally cool. I will re-book my flights and cancel the weekend trip I’ve had planned since before I started this job.

Really looking forward to getting your thoughts — and know that I will respect your decision, however the cards fall.

All the best,



Subject Line: Why…

Body Text:

…is traffic from Facebook down so much this week?

To: [BOSS]

Subject Line: Vacation Request: May 5–17, 2017

Body Text:


Is it OK if I take some of my PTO this year? My husband and I are just really hoping to travel a bit as a means of enjoying our time outside the office. I will work overtime to get ready for trip, and I will make sure to be fully available while overseas, even if that means answering your emails at 1 a.m. Tokyo time. (Jet lag is a beautiful thing, amirite?!) Additionally, I will ask my team to come in every day at 7 a.m. and leave every day at 9 p.m. in an effort to be sure everyone’s up to speed by the date of my departure.

Please LMK!!


P.S. We footed the bill for Premium Economy in order to nab the free WiFi — so I’ll be reachable in-flight!



Subject Line: RE: Scheduling a meeting

Body Text:

Hey everyone,

We really need to meet and hammer out the details of the big holiday editorial package. I am available:

M 9-:10:20; 1–1:40, and anytime after 9pm

T fully booked (crazy day!!!)

W 3–3:10

Th 9-noon, with the caveat that I may have to step out to take a call from my contractor (kitchen renovations: ugh!)

F I’ll be unavailable all day and won’t even be checking emails.

If you can please respond to this email with your availability, we can cross reference everyone’s schedule, settle on a time, and Billy — can you please book the room? But please make sure it’s one with projection capabilities and views of the river.

OK, that’s it for now — I think, LOL!



Subject Line: Hop on a call quickly?

Body Text:

Need a quick rundown of our monthly video growth target. Have 30 minutes to hop on the phone so you can verbally recount that one single number? Would be great, thx.

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