“Access delayed is not access denied” a wise woman once said. And this week more than any other, was a week to which i was able to see the wisdom of this maxim. Writing is like a wild bush fire, consuming those within it’s nuances, keeping their minds preoccupied to no end, as they strive to reach excellence within it. And since beginning my author’s journey working with New Degree Press, a consistent review and analysis of my work has almost become a staple of my daily routine.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that i am an individual who carries an abundance mindset, and when i began this journey in October 2020, i had expected that publishing would be a breeze. Always a man of words, creativity and passion, by now i would have thought that the champagne would be popping, with acclamations flooding my inbox from the many well wishers i am blessed to have in my life. Signing on with New Degree Press, i had intended my journey to be through by August. But as 2021 slowly begins to reach its maturity, with every season having passed i still find myself consistently contemplating. Asking my self which story to add, or what story to cut, as i am ceaselessly engaged in a furious back and forth with my editors, as we look to bring about a product that is best in class.

Upon arrival of the previous week, i was counting down to a month left until my submission to copy editing, then on the eve of my 26th birthday i would receive a message from my marketing and revisions editor that shocked me to the core. Already having postponed from August to December, in my mind to have such a set back happen to me would have been a non starter. But they say “genius is eternal patience”, and to allow the genius of my work to manifest itself, another postponement to May of 2022 would be needed. Oh how disappointed i was! As this would mean a further round of tireless keyboard crunching, as well as endless pacing about my humble abode, persistently in search of the inspiration needed to be able to make my vision a reality.

To say i was gutted would be putting it mildly, however it had shown me just how important a trait patience is in decisive outcomes. As only through this most noble of traits, is an individual able to go through all the adversities that are similar to the curveball i was thrown this week. Much akin to how Abraham would wait and endure, for his promise of a precious baby boy to materialize. Or how Leo Messi endured the agony of 3 consecutive finals defeats before finally reaching the Mount Rushmore of international football in the summer. In all the endeavors we look to undertake we must always remember that access delayed is not access denied.

Through patience’s wait, we obtain a certain degree of appreciation for the accolades that we achieve. Helping us to savor the moment of success, instead of treating it as just another given, as we would have endured the often unbearable wait so commonly associated with high achievement. “A man who is a master of patience is a master of everything else” as George Savile once wrote, and so graceful is one who is blessed with patience, for through it they always carry a clarity in thought. Going along their business with a peace and ease about their person, as they know that eventually their knock on destiny’s door will be answered.