A man or woman of many companions comes to ruin but they are friends who stick closer than a sibling” Proverbs 18 vs. 24

In 1953 president Kennedy would meet a man who he would later refer to as his “intellectual blood bank”. Ted Sorensen more than any other person would be greatly responsible for the makings of the JFK mythos, a romantic idealist if ever there was one the combination between himself and Senator Kennedy, who had become the Governor of Massachusetts in 1952 after defeating Henry- Kabbit Lodge created some of the most inspirational and well-constructed speeches ever known to man. A man of eloquence who applied painstaking detail in his composition process Ted Sorensen frequently traveled with John F Kennedy during many of his political escapades. Bouncing around ideas and channeling the energies that had been growing throughout the nation of America as the United States began to develop into the guarantor of the world’s socio-economic system. One would even go as far as arguing that between these two the foundations for US engagement across the world would have been formed, as Ted Sorensen had been so crucial in advising the young senator’s many policy decisions and deliberations.

“You will never inherit your kingdom until you find your confidant” to quote TD Jakes, and for JFK Ted Sorensen was it. The brotherhood he had formed with this genius of writing would prove to be the most decisive professional relationship he would ever create, as through this Jack’s message and vision would be vividly painted, allowing his oratory skills which were sharpening with every speech he would give to improve to near unequaled levels. And this would have a profound effect on the young senator’s politcal career, helping JFK to arouse, motivate and inspire on a scale that has become second to none.

“It is not just the eloquent words or deft speaking techniques. If the speech has substance meaningful values that are being conveyed or important decisions that are being conveyed then the words matter much less. But a speech that is beautifully worded if it’s empty, if it’s mean, if it lacks compassion or ideas it’s not a great speech” said Ted Sorensen as he spoke to Charlie Rose in 2008. Always make sure that you find your confidant as this can so often become the difference between decisive progress and stagnation.

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