Jan, “The days go slow, but the years fast.Tip #6

A couple of phrases Jan used really struck me as quotable, “Nobody is perfect, but we can all be imperfect together.”  I think Jan may have coined that one!  Another phrase I haven’t heard before, in tip #6, “The days go slow but the years go fast.”  Such truth in those nuggets!

Jan also highlights, and demonstrates the importance of, family history..  I think it’s great to remind our kids of the valuable journey into the past, the early years, even yesterday.  Such importance lies in framing events, our stories for our children.  We provide the narrative, and should always be narrating.

I remember watching Jan catalogue family photo albums with such love and detail.  She knew with every picture she was building the story of their lives.  She was creating heirlooms to be forever treasured.  Such a beautiful gift, her legacy!

Moms are the vessel that carry their children’s history.  We know most about what they’re made of, and the attention given in creating each memory.  They need a “Keeper of the Crypt,” so to speak.

Even if the history is ugly, it’s up to Moms to frame it, reframe it, and maybe even spruce it up a little. We have an opportunity to give our kids something to be proud of.  There’s little need to pass on unnecessary baggage, little need and even less value.  As I say, “Get as close to the truth as you can.”  I’m not suggesting lie, or recreate history, simply highlight the positives, seek strengths and morals.

It’s not too often a Mom would frame pictures of anger and tears.  Those moments need not linger, or be memorialized.  It’s the happy memories, the love and togetherness that matters.  That’s the gold!

It’s our job to preserve the moments.  We should be prideful and deliberate in our sharing history.  We should model integrity and values!  Moms show kids what to remember.  We do it in our talk, our actions, and in our “reminiscing!”

Unbeknownst to Jan, she has served as a role model to me in both parenting and hosting.  Her love of Motherhood emanates from her and from her children.  Her hospitality and welcoming smile has been like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Time with Jan has made me want to be a better Mom, and a better archivist for my family.  She makes me want to be healthier, prettier, and to try new things – all without making me feel like I didn’t measure up.

Jan taught me to be a hostess.  She taught me how to make people feel welcome, and how to anticipate their needs.  Because of her, I prepare welcome packs for all my overnight guests.  I learned a lot from Jan, in our fleeting minutes together.

To me, Jan is like a celebrity.  She may not be celebrity famous, but she’s famous to me!

It will be so fun to see you again.  Never soon enough!


  • Doreen Coady

    Author & Parenting Commentator

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