1. You share honest communication.

2. You share similar values.

3. You both have an expressed desire to be in the relationship and make to flourish.

4. You experience passion in bed.

5. You both follow through on what is said.

6. You respect each other’s life path.

7. You respect each other’s spiritual values.

8. You support each other in your careers and life purpose.

9. You have a real friendship.

10. You know each other’s friends and family.

11. You’re available for each other in case of an emergency.

12. You’re able to reach mutually agreeable solutions for differing opinions or preferences.

13. You talk out what is bothering you.

14. You acknowledge each other on special days such as birthday and holidays.

15. You can confide in each other.

16. You have a solid sense of self and the courage to speak up when something bothers you.

17. You know where you stand with each other.

18. You work out problems rather than run away from them.

19. You show each other respect in public and in private.

20. You honor and listen to what the other person is trying to communicate.

21. You share similar views on lifestyle.

22. You allow each other time alone.

23. You each allow the other to be who he is and don’t try to change him.

24. You each control your own individual finances.

25. You talk openly about changes you see happening in the other person and in yourself.

26. Both of you are single and completely available.

27. You show love, care, and respect to children you may have.

28. You share a vision together for the future.

29. You can work as a team.

30. You can each allow small quirks to go over your head, without a fuss.

31. You can say how you really feel.

32. You both honor and respect the other person’s feelings.

33. The relationship has zero verbal, physical and mental abuse–including put-downs and degrading comments.

34. The relationship has zero jealousy, games, and manipulation.

35. You have real dates.

36. After time, you create a full life together.

37. You take short (or long) vacations together.

38. If you live together, you share responsibilities equally.

39. Each of you monitors yourself and not the other person.

40. You both do what you want to do and allow the other person to do the same.

41. You respect each other’s exploration of new interests.

42. You know where you stand sexually and are honest with each other about it.

43. If you love each other and are having great difficulties that you want to work out, you seek professional counseling.

44. You are fully supportive of each other’s individual expression.

45. You treat each other as The One.

46. You talk to each other rather than to your friends or family about what is bothering you.

47. You do small things for each other out of kindness and love.

48. You let each other know in words and actions that you are there and can be counted on.

49. You take risks by being your authentic self in all areas.

50. You are completely honest, from your heart, and you don’t hide your truth because of the fears in your head.

Excerpt © Copyright 2019 by Barbara Rose, PhD All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission from the book Stop Being the String Along: A Relationship Guide to Being THE ONE. Published by The Rose Group (April, 2005) ISBN: 0974145742. An Amazon # 1 Relationship Bestseller.