self care for busy moms

So one question I always get it what can I do to take care of myself?  And, I can’t think of any self-care ideas. The ideas are limitless if you are creative.  More important than what you do during your “me time” is how it makes you feel.  If you are not a bath girl, then taking a bath is NOT going to make you feel relaxed.  Don’t do things that you don’t enjoy just for the sake of self-care.  Unless, it is things like going to the doctor and dentist, drinking enough water, moving your body in some way and eating a balanced diet.  Those things are very important but are going to vary from person to person.  The whole point is to schedule activities in your life that make you feel refreshed and recharged.  I could scroll through Facebook for every spare minute that I have and I won’t feel a bit refreshed.  I’ll actually end up feeling depressed and more stressed out probably.  But if I read for 20 minutes?  That’s going to help me a lot more.  I’m not telling you to never get on Facebook, that would be insane.  I actually enjoy Facebook very much.  I love cute memes and pictures of everyone’s kids.  But I am going to feel much more refreshed if I read a book or meditate for a few minutes.

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Here are my top 50 self-care ideas for busy moms!

  1. Take a walk
  2. Go outside
  3. Read a book
  4. Drink a glass of wine
  5. Drink a glass of tea
  6. Take a nap
  7. Get a massage
  8. Meditate
  9. Yoga
  10. Stretch
  11. Talk to a therapist
  12. Call your mom
  13. Hug your kids
  14. Take a bath
  15. Get a pedicure
  16. Write in a journal
  17. Color
  18. Do a puzzle
  19. Sit by the water
  20. Pray
  21. Take a deep breath
  22. Go on a girl’s trip
  23. Send your kids to grandma’s for the afternoon
  24. Count the stars
  25. Practice positive affirmations
  26. Drink more water
  27. Make a gratitude list
  28. Go swimming
  29. Take a run
  30. Listen to the rain on your roof
  31. Declutter
  32. Forgive those in your past
  33. Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”
  34. Learn about mindfulness
  35. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers
  36. Garden
  37. Take an art class
  38. Start working on your scrapbook
  39. Paint a picture for you
  40. Create a dreamboard
  41. Turn off your cell phone for a little while
  42. Stop multi-tasking
  43. Look through old photos
  44. Spend time with your children
  45. Play with your pet
  46. Have a date night with your spouse
  47. Do a brain dump to clear your mind
  48. Have your yearly checkup
  49. Go to the dentist
  50. Give yourself permission to slow down!

I hope you enjoyed all of my self-care ideas for busy moms and noticed a few that would work for you.  Comment below what your favorite ideas are and share this blog post with all of your busy mom friends.  They will thank you I’m sure!

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