look closer to catch your blind spots….


No, it is not a Covid statistic. It is the number of unread emails on a customer’s cell phone that was in the shop for repair. My son has seen a lot of cell phones come through, but this count was the highest they’d seen.

You’ve got mail

This made me think about “unread messages,” and how many messages you have that are still unopened. No, I don’t mean emails, but messages from your body, mind, dreams, daily life?

You Brush your teeth daily…

I started to pay closer attention about 14 years ago and even now I still notice new blind spots daily. This work is like brushing your teeth, you have to do it often to keep them clean and healthy.

MORE for you

Mind body coaching helps you recognize the unread messages that are waiting for you. Once you do start to pay attention to all these messy parts, wonderful things happen. You start to make space for more happiness, more freedom, more joy, more actions aligned with the fabulous one of a kind you that you are!

It’s simple

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words from a client:

“I feel relief… just finding the root of all of this self anguish… It gives me a much clearer direction to focus in ~ self love.” — L. C.