Often we need a reminder to stay with a positive mindset. Especially when life happens. I was thinking about simple mantras that I (try to) live by that could help you to stay on the right track.

Anything that I share with you guys, I do my best to incorporate into my life first. The reason why I’ve become a life coach is that I’ve wanted to change my life upside down. I used to feel paralyzed to follow through on my dreams.

There were long periods of time when I felt empty because I resigned on my dreams and goals. I felt stuck in the life that I didn’t enjoy, and although I had created it, I felt like a victim. Anyone else?

My life used to feel like a long nightmare that I didn’t know how to wake up from. I also saw people in my vicinity who were unhappy and lost too. Since I wasn’t ready to give up, I knew there must be another way to live. A way that is fulfilling and we’re happy.

After hitting rock bottom, I started facing my own demons and slowly finding the way out of the long slumber.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, but every step has been so worth it!

Therefore, I know that you can make any change in your life, too!

I was thinking about what I’ve incorporated into my life and what has brought me inner peace and happiness. Each of these mantras opens a new door for a more fulfilling life.

You can grab one of them that resonates with you the most and practice it for next 30 days.

When we put our heart and mind into what we want, we create enough momentum to follow through. Creating the life you desire is all about taking a consistent action. One step at a time.

So, here we go …

6 Beautiful Mantras To Live By

  1. Embody your soul.

You may know that this is my personal mantra that expresses the reason I believe we’re here on this planet. (You can read more about how to use it in your daily life here).

Once in meditation, I was thinking about a simple statement that would express the essence of my life. Embody your soul popped up on my mind and for a few months, I was pondering about what it really means. Before I took it a part of my brand to share it with all of you

We’re an eternal soul in a human body so we can have experiences in the world of matter that help us grow internally. For me, everything is about growth. When we connect with our deepest essence and do our best to express it in daily life, then we connect the world of spirit (our true nature) and the world of matter (this reality).

This may sound too impractical to live by it, but once you try, you’ll see that you’ll feel grounded, stable, strong, and also energetic and excited about your life.

This is a significant promise, right? But try to think about this mantra and the ways you can bring it into your life.

In the past, I’ve also run a free challenge to embody your soul where you can download a guide to help you with it.

2. Truth is simple.

I believe in simplicity. Whenever something is complicated and chaotic, it’s our ego trying to take control of the mind.

When something feels overwhelming and too complicated, remember to look for the simplicity. Take a few deep breaths and get to the basics.

3. I’m willing to see the truth.

This mantra is related to the previous one. Whenever you feel confused and unsure what is the truth, just tell yourself I’m willing to see the truth.

This simple statement works magic. I use it anytime I feel that my ego wants to take over by telling all kinds of limiting beliefs. Since I know that what ego says isn’t true, I just say this sentence silently in my mind, and then I let it go.

Usually, within a next few minutes, I regain the clarity and see the truth.

4. This, too, shall pass.

We shouldn’t take life and ourselves too seriously. Because this, too, shall pass as King Solomon had engraved on his ring.

This mantra teaches us gratitude and living in the present. So often we worry about future or think about what happened over again. But when we do it, we deprive ourselves of living fully in the now.

Sure, being present is difficult, but when you keep this saying written at some visible place, it will remind you the preciousness of life.

Whenever you argue with someone you love, ask yourself; Would I regret in a couple of years if I don’t apologize?

If the answer is yes (and it mostly is), then choose love over ego. Be more forgiving and present with people you love and care about. Because any relationship will, too, pass one day.

5. Live like you mean it.

Often we feel like this is not it.

Our life isn’t quite it. Our relationship, job, career, the country we live, finances. Nothing seems to be quite it.

Inevitably, this leads to unhappiness and makes us give up creating the life we desire. But this is a vicious circle.

When we think that what we have doesn’t really matter, we stop trying, and instead, we live on autopilot. We wait for someone or something to save us. But because we don’t live like we really mean it, there is no improvement.

When you live as you mean it then you step into your inner power and create energy enough to breakthrough.

Soon you’ll notice that everything is improving. And most of all, you find self-confidence because you’ll know that you can count on yourself and the promises you give yourself.

6. “I’ll not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”Mahatma Gandhi

I love this quote by Mahatma Gandhi. The happy life comes with self-mastery and being responsible for our thoughts, actions, and feeling.

We allow ourselves to be influenced by other people’s opinions way too often. We rent them space in our head with all their baggage full of problems and drama, and then we wonder why we don’t feel happy.

Self-mastery comes from knowing yourself and recognizing when someone else influences you. This is especially challenging for us, empaths.

If you’re an empath, then you take energies, feelings, and opinions of others too easily into your mind and you think that they belong to you. This creates moodiness and states of feeling confused.

Therefore, it’s good to be strict with who you rent the space of your mind to. Sometimes we have to make the hard choices and ask ourselves difficult questions:

Is it worth it to have negative friends in my life?

Does it make sense try to save my parents when they actually don’t want to be saved?

Do I want to base the way I see myself on what my colleagues or boss is thinking of me?

If you need an extra dose of guidance & inspiration …

You can download a FREE printable 4-step guide to help you Build Your Self-Confidence and Self-Worth.

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