I asked 6 Celebrities to talk about their personal heroes from the red carpet. Unsurprisingly every celeb that I chatted with said that their parents are their personal heroes and inspired them to become the person that they are today.

Victoria Konefal — Actress From Days of Our Lives

My mom. My mom is definitely my hero. She moved to America when she was 19, not knowing a lick of english and she created a law empire and now she own her own law office. She is one of the most inspiring women that I know and I only inspire to be half the woman she is when I grow up.

Prince Mario Max Scumburg Lippe -Astro Regal Prince of Germany

I have a hero and in my family, it is my dad. So my dad was born in 1940 in the struggling and dark war of Germany and so my dad had to go through a lot as a little boy. Finally, they brought him to Denmark where queen Alexandrina was reining at the time and no matter if of royal or your neighbor next door, we all have our rollercoasters in life and I learned from my father to always look forward and never look back. Whatever backpack you carry, still stand straight and whenever you fall, just get back up and continue walking. Never ever give up is the main message he taught me.

Monique LeClaire- From Women of Wrestling

My father. He passed away of cancer when I was a little girl, so because of him I became a registered nurse at the age of 18 and I’m also a professional wrestler because he was a wrestler. My dad is my hero.

Renee Nezhoda — From Storage Wars

You know.. my dad, because he obviously is a really good guy and he is always positive and then for famous people, I like people like Bill Gates, because they were just thinking outside the box and they just put no limit on themselves. So just an Entrepreneur like that, that just makes a difference in the world or just makes it happen business wise.

Adam McArthur — Star vs The Force of Evil on Disney XD

I am a lifelong martial artist, iv’e done martial arts my entire life. My instructor has been a mentor and friend of mine, but also a business mentor as well, because he has run a very successful martial arts school in northern California. So he is definitely my friend, hero, mentor, business advisor if you like, but he sorta fits all of that for me.

Carrie Bernans — Marvel’s Black Panther

My hero? One is my mother. You know just from moving city to city, state to state and seeing how far she’s came and then I don’t know.. Barack Obama too and I love Oprah too, she is amazing.

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