Have you ever experienced muscle tension, shortness of breath, hot flashes, sweating excessively or your heart started beating uncontrollably? This may have been a sign of anxiety or fear creeping in you.

Anxiety is referred to as a response to an incoming threat, while fear is a response to a known threat. In either of these cases, there is a certain similar stress response to danger. There are certain ways to overcome fear and anxiety that people should practice now and then.

Most people do not know how to cope with fear or anxiety because they believe it is a part of who they are or are afraid of confronting what troubles them. There are a lot of things that get people worried like money, health issues, broken hearts, work; name them.

If you do not face that freakish feeling inside of you, it may be detrimental to your whole being.

Here are certain ways to overcome fear and anxiety that you would like to try.

1. Being Positive

Every time you encounter a situation that makes you doubt yourself or have that bad feeling of things not going as planned, it is important to change your perspective or mindset.

Thinking long term instead of focusing only on the present moment helps you be objective and come up with clear ways of handling any situation.

Once a negative thought floods your mind try to change it as soon as it appears in your mind and think of something good that lifts your spirits. If you dwell on the negative aspect of situations, your fears will be elevated and thus make you more anxious.

2. Understanding Failure

It is important to note that a person cannot be 100% perfect, and from that notion, work through your fears of failure in knowing that even if you do not make it, you can always try again.

Most people hate failure but it is actually a sure way to success, once you are willing to admit to it. When you accept this, fear and anxiety will not tear you up because you would have dealt with it.

Avoid fearful predictions of how things could go from worse to worst and you will realize most times your productivity will outdo what you initially thought it would.

3. Time Out

When you get that bad feeling of your stomach crunching or your palms all of a sudden start to sweat profusely, it is advised to take some time out from whatever activity that brings the fear and anxiety.

Taking a short break and maybe going for a short walk, going for coffee, listening to some uplifting music; can be one of the certain ways to overcome fear and anxiety.

Most people find that walking in nature actually helps them fight their anxiety, so go out for a nature walk next time you are hit by an anxiety attack.

4. Talking

Sharing your feelings about your fears, and what makes you anxious, with someone will certainly help you fight those fears that bother you so much.

Talking your fears aloud gives you the strength you need to overcome and fight it and ends up shrinking whatever gives you anxiety.

Sometimes you are afraid of sharing what bothers you since you care so much about what people will think of you. What good does it do to you? Let it all out, it really helps.

5. Release control

Let go of any idea that makes you think you need to be in control of everything around you. Giving up the idea of always being in total control of everything helps you be free of fear and anxiety. If a situation seems to be way out of your control and makes you see all the negative outcomes about it, let it go for a while.

Take a step back and ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? In doing so you let yourself be ready for any outcome and in most cases you end up realizing that you were panicking for nothing.

6. Breathing

It is very important to breathe when in panic since it helps in slowing down your breathing, which elevates in moments of panic attacks.

Place your hand on your chest or your stomach, close your eyes, and avoid any body movement. Take deep and slow breaths. In doing so, your mind will get used to the panic and help release your fear and anxiety.


It is important to take some time out, breathe, and practice these certain ways to overcome fear and anxiety when panic attacks you. Never assume your anxieties and fears since it gets worse when not dealt with.

Some situations require medication but be sure to try these simple methods before you resort to drugs.

Usually dealing with your fears and anxieties is easier than many people tend to think and the product is a happier, less stressed and better composed you.