There’s something I always love about sales professionals. It was never the fact that they can dictate how much money they can make, the social perks, or year-end bonuses. It is how they operate and carry out very strict daily rituals. How they have the power to have ANY client sign up for their services and product through their vision. These aren’t just sales professionals, but special breeds of high performing sales experts. They know exactly what they want out of their career, they work extremely smart, and follow processes that make sense to them!

“This amazing little device holds a thousand songs that goes right in my pocket.” This famous speech took Apple from the verge of bankruptcy to 13 figures, with a valuation of a trillion dollars today. 

Steve Jobs, Apple’s big CEO and founder was the head and front brand of the company. At every keynote presentation, you’d see him personally reveal Apple’s next product to the world. He used hypnotic language on stage and connected deeply with his audience. He turned millions watching him live around the world into obsessed and brand loyal customers. 

Steve was an expert sales professional. He sold his vision to the world.  On top of that, he had very strict rituals to always keep him on state of high performance, and take Apple’s sales to the top. 

Here are 6 daily habits of high performing sales professionals for you to get started with today!

1.Have A Morning Ritual

High Performing Sales Professionals always have a morning ritual that they repeat on a daily basis. Having a morning ritual allows the human mind to pay more attention to larger career tasks. Having a daily routine trains individuals to be active and plays an immense role in their personal and professional development. For instance, one can start the day by jogging a few meters or by working out. These activities help in reducing stress and improving personal energy through fitness. Additionally, the most successful sales professionals watch the news, read daily newspapers, sales and business books and listen to podcasts first thing in the morning before starting the day. This way they become updated on the various happenings and current issues in sales before starting the day. 

2. Time Planning

All successful people in any given discipline must have proper time planning. Most people overlook time planning since it seems obvious and unnecessary. High Performing Sales Professionals have well-organized schedules that stipulate activities and the time allocated for each activity. Time planning helps in curbing procrastinations and ensures that all tasks are completed within set deadlines. High Performing Sales Professionals are always successful since they work in a smart way as opposed to other sales professionals who work hard without a plan. Time planning plays a huge role in the success of a sales professional and should be prioritized at all times. 

3. Research    

Sales is a field that changes on a constant basis and in order to remain relevant in this field one has to conduct research on a constant basis in order to be updated. High Performing Sales Professionals must always conduct research on company sales, the market structure, company‚Äôs strengths and weaknesses, the customers and competitors. After conducting research in these fields the Sales Professionals must then use the data acquired to devise strategies and approaches to keep them competitive in the industry. Research needs to be conducted in a systematic manner in order to acquire the right kind of data. 

4. Follow up 

High Performing Sales Professionals are always patient and persistent when it comes to customers. Both new and existing customers require to be followed-up adequately in order to ensure that the company does not lose them to competitors. Having an effective follow-up strategy is vital and helps the sales professionals win over more new clients and referrals as well. After closing a deal both the customer and the company are very happy but more needs to be done in order to retain the customer and encourage them to come back for more. Follow up is ensured through thank you emails to customers, keeping communication lines open and constantly checking on the customer by asking if the last service or product was well delivered. Follow up helps high Performing Sales Professionals to retain existing customers and win over new customers as well. 

5. Get enough rest

High Performing Sales Professionals are very busy individuals who almost have no time for themselves and their families. In order for them to continue performing at the highest level, it is vital that they get enough rest. In their schedules, sales professionals ensure that they allocate time for rest which helps them refresh and regain momentum to face the tasks ahead. After a busy day, it is vital to relax in the best possible way in order to preserve energy that is needed to start another busy day. Most sales professionals overwork themselves and barely have time to sleep which increases the risk for anxiety, stress, and depression. It is also important to go on vacations after a certain period of time in order to help the mind relax. 

6. Minimize Distractions

High Performing Sales Professionals are very serious and focused in their work and avoid distractions through the following ways; by prepping their work, having strict personal regulations and guidelines, managing their social time and scheduling all their chores. It becomes hard for one to cope especially in the current business world that is filled with distractions which can lead to poor performance for sales professionals. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, and YouTube can become huge sources of distraction if not properly used. It is therefore very important to control the use of these social media platforms and focus more on achieving career goals and personal development.    


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