The trouble with relationships is when they reach a stage where your partner and you feel comfortable with each other, you can start taking one another for granted. Whether you realize it or not, what should always be an exciting, stimulating experience can lapse into a routine. Even become mundane. When a partnership loses its sparkle, that’s when issues can arise, trivial ones leading to much more potentially damaging ones. So what are some of the habits you should definitely try to avoid? There are quite a lot of these, but here are six of the most obvious.

Being overly negative

It doesn’t matter where you first connected with your partner, through a  dating site or after a chance encounter in a bar, one of the crucial tendencies to avoid is being too negative. It’s only natural to disagree with your other half about certain things, but when you do this all the time, simply to score points, you are gradually going to wear a fissure in your relationship. When you feel the need to be critical, try choosing tact instead.

Coming over as a ‘nice person’

Many people assume that seeking to appear as reasonable as their default position is surely the best option. But being too nice is not actually a natural way of behaving. Relationships rely on a certain amount of tension to keep things interesting. Even if you have fallouts, it is always wonderful to make up again. Always seeking to be the placating voice can end up smothering your other half, leaving them in a position of feeling guilty.

Being uncommunicative

Every successful relationship relies on a strong degree of trust between the two parties. It is important you are always honest with one another, whether you are discussing relatively trivial matters or serious subjects. The worst thing you could possibly do is to keep things bottled up, especially where your emotions are concerned. It is always far better to share whatever is troubling you, especially if it is something to do with your actual relationship. Issues will only ever get resolved when you get them into the open.

Looking down your nose at someone

Relationships are a great leveler. No matter what the social or cultural background of your partner, you must always resist the urge to snipe at them on the basis of their upbringing. One of the most negatives things any one person can do is to patronize another. It might make you feel superior for a very short time, but it will surely drive a huge wedge between you and your partner.

Being too clingy

Even in a relationship where the parties are totally wrapped up with one another, there needs to be a sense of individual freedom. It is imperative you lead separate lives at some point, whether that’s socializing with your own friends or indulging in hobbies and interests that began long before the relationship. No one likes to feel they are being stifled by too much attention. The person involved might assume they are making their partner feel wanted. But the opposite is actually the case.

Taking your partner for granted

One of the most toxic aspects of any relationship is when one party takes the other for granted. You must never second guess what your loved one is feeling about anything and assume everything is going your way. If you get the slightest hint that anything is bothering them, then ask what the problem is, and whether or not you can do anything to help to fix it.