My weight has fluctuated dramatically over the past couple of years —too bad, I know. I had multiple injuries over the past few years that kept me off the gym for quite a long time. And, you know, the lack of movements means more ice cream, more pizzas, and more weight —and your clothes will no longer fit you.

So, after searching for the best fashion tips online, I decided to write this post on what experts believe men should do to look better. And here are their tips…

1. Dress for your body type.

Antonio Centeno is an ex-Marine and the go-to expert when talking about men`s fashion. His main tip for you is to wear what fits you, not what fits the manikin. Understand that there are five body types out there; triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, oval, trapezoid, and only one of them fits you perfectly.

“Dress for the body that you have today,” Centeno said. Don`t buy and wear clothes that you wish you`d wear six months from now when you lose that weight or gain X kilograms of muscle and don`t follow a trend that doesn`t fit your body type.

Here`s what Centeno says each body type should wear:

The triangular body type: Wear brighter colors, vertical stripes and tailored patterned blazers. And avoid fitted roll necks, horizontal lines, skinny fits, and extreme tapers.

The Inverted triangular body type: Wear horizontal stripes, slim-fit shirts, slim-fit pants, and regular V-necks. What you should avoid however is wide blazers/suits with shoulder padding and stuff that bring attention to your wide shoulders.

The rectangular body type: Wear horizontal stripes, button-down shirts, scarves and printed clothes that bring attention to your shoulders. What won`t work for you though will be double-breasted coats, jackets, and vests.

The oval body type: Wear pleats, dark, single-breasted jackets, wide collar shirts as well as neckties and bowties. Also, avoid all tight stuff in general.

The trapezoid body type: Wear vertical stripes, buttoned jacket tapers, and neckties. You also have to avoid loose and baggy pants and shirts to look good.

2. Your barber is your best friend.

“Why wait till your hair are 10 inches tall to go to get it cut?” Says Ben Rose the California-based grooming expert.

 You want to look good “consistently,” and that means both your hair needs regular maintenance. But how often should you see the hair stylist after the first haircut? “Once every 3-6 weeks,” says Rose, depending on the length of your hair. Since it grows at a rate of half an inch per month, the shorter you want your hair, the more often you have to see your stylist.

3. Exercise, no matter how badly you eat.

“Make going to the gym a habit, not something you occasionally do when you want to lose weight.” Says, Tyler Read a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. You just need to let go of the All-or-Nothing mentality if you ever want to be in shape for longer than three months.

“Regular exercising keeps your weight under control. Yes, you`ll slip, and you`ll have binging weekends, but because you always exercise, you can easily put the brakes on the downward spiral before it ruins your health and looks.” Read adds.

4. Get enough sleep.

If you ever looked up the internet for style tips, then you must be familiar with Aaron Marino, the famous dating and style expert. Marino`s tip for a better-looking man is so simple: Just get enough sleep.

“Sleep is critical to every aspect of your happiness, health, and attractiveness,” he said

Good sleep builds the foundations of a healthy lifestyle yet most men overlook it. In fact, the average adult in America now gets 5 hours and 45 minutes of sleep each night which is 75 minutes less than the bare minimum and is unhealthy. “If you don`t get enough sleep, things will start to fall apart: Your skin will look rough, your eyes will have dark circles,” Marino adds.

To get enough sleep, you need to have your bedtime routine. Avoid screens and other backlit devices that stimulate your brain. Take a warm bath each night and meditate —or do some yoga. 

Some studies suggest that drinking coffee before taking a nap boosts your energy levels. However, if you`re like most people, caffeine can disrupt your sleep and reduce blood flow to your brain. So, cut back on it after midday and replace it with water. There are so many things you can do to get more sleep, but you`ve got to be serious about it.

5. Take good care of your teeth.

I still remember that girl, 5ft2, angelic face with beautiful curves. That`s the one part I like to remember about her. The other one is that layer of yellow grease I saw covering her teeth when we accidentally met one day after school. 

That was more than a decade ago, but I still remember it, which can tell how even the smallest things can ruin a good first impression.

“Keeping your teeth healthy and clean makes you look better and gives your smile an edge.” Says Dr. Christine Frank-Melnyk, DDS. And, it`s not the hardest thing in the world too. “On a scale of 1-10, taking good care of your teeth is definitely a one or two,” Frank-Melnyk adds.

“It all comes down to basic hygiene, and all you have to do is follow the instructions of the American Dental Association (ADA), and you`re all set. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes.

 Floss every day to prevent the buildup of tartar and don`t forget to clean your tongue while brushing. It`s also great if you get a strong mouthwash to keep a sweet breath and, if possible, you can get your dentist to whiten your teeth. It will your smile look better, and it`s much cheaper now than before.” She continues.

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