Exercises to expand… You don´t have to look long. There are endless lists out there, of all kinds of things and exercises you can do, to expand or grow. Both for your private and professional life.

Here I share with you 6 exercises that I live by, to expand and grow in my life.

1. Look Within — And Expand

Take time on a regular basis to look within.

Are you living according to your personal values? Are you using your time in alignment with what matters the most to you? Both in your private and professional life? What do you like? What do you really want? Are you taking full responsibility of getting what you want? Are you leading your own life? Make sure to steer your boat, instead of floating around like a cork plug. You may lose focus from time to time. Or you may choose to go with the flow from time to time. That is OK as long as you stay true to your long-term vision for yourself.

2. Give — and Expand

Think abundantly. Give and then give some more. This will make the cake bigger for everybody. Don’t think of giving as if you are losing something. You are sowing seeds. You have to give to receive. Share your knowledge. Offer help and support to others. Your coworkers, your neighbors and people from your community. Volunteer for causes you care about. Be a mentor. Nothing is greater than to help others grow.

3. Be Grateful — And Expand

The more you think about what you can be grateful for, the more you have to be grateful for. Be grateful for everything you have and think less about the things you think you need. Be grateful for your family, friends and coworkers. The dirty dishes in the sink, the snoring of your spouse, the smell of coffee in the mornings. This all means you have a good life. Be grateful for all your challenges and use them to learn and grow. Show gratitude at work. More people will want to work with you and this will boost your career.

4. Be Honest — And Expand

Be honest with yourself and with others. Being honest shows that you are true and that you care. Honesty requires courage at times. Think of that as a chance for yourself and others to grow. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Ask for what you really want. Don´t accept things you don´t want. Be honest in all your answers and feedback, whether to yourself or others. I´m not talking about being rude or inconsiderate. Make sure your honesty is kind and supporting. An opportunity for growth. Honesty makes relationships, at work and at home, stronger.

5. Stretch Yourself Constantly — And Expand

Be proud of what you have achieved so far. But also remember that what go you here will not get you to where you want, and can go. Keep working on your growth, in private and professional life. Keep learning. From articles, books, seminars and people around you. Elevate your thinking. Rise above gossiping and every day’s mediocrity. Surround yourself with people that challenge you. And hold you accountable for being everything you can be. Lift yourself to the next league.

Take time to be with yourself on a regular basis. Just be with yourself here and now. Take time to do what energizes you. Take time to take good care of yourself, treat yourself like your best friend. Meditate, exercise, go hiking, go to the movies by yourself. Or whatever you want to do when enjoying the company of yourself. This is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. You might even consider putting “A Mental Health Day” in your calendar every few weeks.

Also, do not forget to take time to sleep. One of the best gifts you can give yourself, for your Health and overall Success.

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Originally published at herdispala.com on January 3, 2017.

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