Recent research from San Francisco State University reports that people who spend their money on experiences instead of material purchases are generally happier, and feel more satisfied with the value of their purchase.

Happiness is worth pursuing because it feels good (duh), but it can also have health impacts, like boosting your immune system and keeping stress at bay according to UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.

Ready to try something new? We’ve got some suggestions:

Have you ever tried yoga? Probably. BUT have you tried yoga with a goat on your back?

If you’re already a yogi, consider practicing in a new, unusual place. Need inspiration? Check out this article which shows hundreds of yogis practicing their up dogs on a glass-bottom deck suspected 1,300 feet in the air.

photo: Lainey Morse

Alternatively, find some unconventional yogis to practice with. Like goats. Have you heard of the goat yoga phenomenon in Oregon? According to CNN, there is a waiting list of over 1,000 people ready to experience an “upward goat on a downward dog.”

If you haven’t tried yoga, start there. Many people credit yoga with inspiring sweeping positive changes like mindfulness and compassion in their lives. It could be that trying yoga changes your life. If you aren’t the woke type, it will at least leave you well exercised and entertained.

Try a new spin on the original treat-yo-self, a massage.

Cupping therapy is a type of deep-tissue massage involving special cups that suction onto your skin. According to WebMD, cupping therapy dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures, but seems to be gaining popularity as a trend in the United States. Fans of cupping therapy say the therapy has a range of benefits, including mitigating pain, inflammation, aiding blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

For something a little closer to home, try Soothe — “a massage delivered to you.” With Soothe’s app, you can book a massage in your own living room. Choose from Swedish massages, deep tissue, sports massages, and more. Our favorite part of Soothe? The tip is included in your in-app payment, which takes out the awkward guess-work associated with classic massages.

Dine in a stranger’s home.

Meet some new folks and enjoy a professional-level, home-cooked meal with EatWith. EatWith vets up-and-coming chefs who are passionate about creating unique menus and sharing their homes. EatWith is available in 200 cities around the globe.

Poke around One event that caught our eye is hosted in San Francisco by Don, who calls himself a Professional Fishmonger Turned Chef. For $95, he’ll host you in his apartment with a multi-course meal that includes oysters with champagne, a Poké bowl, braised squid, and more.

Plan a trip somewhere you’ve never been.

Airbnb makes finding affordable and novel lodging easier than ever. Plus, they’ve got some pretty outlandish lodging available if you’re feeling extra wild. Check out Refindery29’s roundup of the most outrageous rental properties. For instance, you can finally stay in the cocoon tent of your dreams.

Would you try traveling alone?

Although it could be lonely, you might find that you love the solitude and freedom that comes with hitting the road solo. Cup Of Jo blog follows one woman’s solo trip to Paris:

“Traveling alone, I could do whatever I felt like in the moment. I went to the Musée d’Orsay, and after it closed, I saw someone riding a Vélib’ city bike. So, I rented one and rode past riverside cafés where people were just sitting outside, drinking and talking…”

Go on a backpacking trip in the mountains:

Have you ever tried carrying all your gear (tent, food, sleeping bag, etc) on a hiking trip in the mountains? The peace of mind and sense of accomplishment that comes with a few days in the woods can be incredibly fulfilling. It can be intimidating to get all of the gear you need in order, but a lot of the things you need can be rented from local camping stores.

Not sure where to start? Hit Yosemite. With well-maintained trails and a decent amount of foot-traffic, you’ll feel a sense of community that’s important for first-timers.

Well, what are you waiting for? We’ve helped you justify your next trip/massage/meal … go forth and conquer!

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