Clean and neat is how every man should look. You owe it to yourself, your partner and others who deal with you on daily basis. It only takes a conscious decision to look clean and energetic even on a tight budget. The how is easy if only you have the desire, and won`t cost much either. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you`re all set.

Have a haircut that actually fits you

You don`t have to wait until you look like captured Saddam Hussein to see your barber. A well-groomed man will hit the barber not to get a complete makeover, but to maintain his cool looks. 

Don`t wait until the hair grows exponentially to get a haircut. Hit the barber once a month to make sure you always look neat. There are many cool haircuts to choose from, the Side Part, the Modern Slick Back, Textured Pomp Fade are some among many options you can choose from.

Also, always remember to choose the perfect haircut for your beard. Not all faces look the same and you want to pick the type of haircut that makes you the sexiest regardless of how trendy it looks to others. 

Fragrance: Your own signature

When talking fragrance, a well-chosen perfume will tell much about you the same way your cigarette, or car model does —at least financially. Scents play a decent part in the attraction game and the perfume you wear must make you more desirable.

The next time you`re shopping for a perfume, remember the word “Consistency”. Your perfume is simply a sign that you put everywhere you go. Anyone taking the elevator ten minutes after you`ve left should know it was you.

Brush twice and floss Every Single Day

Nothing can better ruin a smile than a horrible breath and two lines of stained teeth haven`t been cleaned in days. Anyone, no matter who they are, should brush their teeth at least twice a day—that`s the bare minimum. A toothpaste and a soft-bristled electric toothbrush, and you`re all set. 

(P.s., according to studies, a soft-bristled toothbrush will move more plaque compared to a regular one).

You also want to avoid toothpicks —because they will create gaps between your teeth— and start flossing every day. It will remove plaque from places a normal toothbrush can`t reach. According to a 2011 study, tooth-brushing is more effective when you combine it with daily flossing. If you, hate flossing —or hurt yourself when doing it—, you can try a water flosser. It`s been working pretty well for lots of people.

Finally, you can consult a dentist for a whitening treatment, especially if you drink lots of coffee and tea. Whitening will give you a sexy smile that will make you look more attractive. It`s also much cheaper now than it has been years ago.

For the love of all that is good”¦ Shower more often

Perfect grooming starts nowhere outside the bathroom. You can hardly look good if you don`t shower— you won`t even feel good yourself. A 2015 study, conducted on over 6,500 couples, found that smelling is one of the most common relationships “˜dealbreakers’.

Yes, there are some studies claiming that frequent bathing dries the skin which can make it susceptible to infection, but these are still not a permission to be Stinky Stinkerton and not shower more often. Showers are refreshing and will help you relax. Besides, a minute or two of cold showering can improve your health and make you a badass.

Treat your beard the same way a 60-year-old flower lover treats his lawn

A well-groomed man will always pay good attention to his beard regardless of why he grows it. In fact, studies suggest that that heavy subtle beards —left unshaved for 10 days— are the most desirable by women. 

For that, you want to wash and comb your beard every day even if you don`t bath. You also want to invest in a good clipper/trimmer and use it once every 3-7 days to shave the edges and reset the beard to the length that fits you. And if you want to recharge and rejuvenate, you can try using beard oil. It will soften your beard, moisturize your skin, and give your beard a nice smell.

But if you`ve chosen to shave, then do it the right way

Some men can`t grow a beard for natural or work reasons, that`s okay. If facial hair is a no-no to you then you should learn how to shave using these three simple tips.

First and foremost, you want to invest in a sharp multi-blade razor which you don`t want to use more than four or six times maximum. The right razor minimizes the number of shaving laps, thus limiting skin irritation. Second, you want to use hot water to soften the beard, expand your skin pores before shaving.

Finally, and once you apply the shaving cream, begin by shaving in the direction where hair grows, and don`t put too much pressure on the skin especially if you have acne.

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