We’re about a month out from 2020 – a brand new decade – but it’s never too early to start forming new habits that will take you through to the new year.

If you’re able to get just 1% better every day in 2020, you could be in a completely different place next year.

Here’s 6 habits you should take up this year that will make that happen.

Cut Out Processed Foods

When January hits – don’t join another fad diet. Instead just focus on cutting out the processed foods. Simply put, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient or if doesn’t exist in a simpler form in nature – just don’t eat it.

This one change can have a massive effect on your health on it’s own.

Whether you’re on the paleo, keto or something else altogether – one thing all these eating frameworks share is that they simply cut out the processed foods. Do that and you’re 80% of the way there.

Start a Blog

If you want to improve your writing and your thinking, start a blog. I know – this sounds like advice from 2008 but in a world where your social media profiles can be taken down at a moment’s notice, and you could lose all access to your hard work, a blog still is the best way to compose and share your thoughts (after all, you’re reading one right now).

There’s even free services that will walk you through or even help set up a blog for you at no cost.

10k Steps By Noon

The 10,000 steps per day number you’ve seen thrown around is a clever bit of marketing (it’s not actually backed by science), but I want to challenge you to take it up a notch.

10,000 steps by noon.

Why? Especially if the 10k per day figure doesn’t have scientific backing? Easy. It will force you to make movement a priority.

Simply put – you probably don’t move nearly as much as you think you do. By forcing yourself to do 10,000 steps by noon – you’re doing two things.

First, you’re forcing yourself to get creative and come up with ways to move more by noon.

Second, you’re front-loading the work. If you end up moving 10,000 steps by noon, not only are you going to be moving more in the morning – you’re going to be moving more throughout the day and burning a whole lot more calories while you’re at it.

Make Your Calendar (and stick To it!)

Most people see their calendar as something that happens to them. Something they’re forced to do.

In 2020 – flip the script. Think about your calendar as something that you get to do. And then outline the exact type of day you would like.

Use a free app like Google Calendar or Woven Calendar to plot out your ideal day and then (this is important) stick to it!

Personally, I found I do terrible at meetings before 11am, so I blocked my schedule as much as I can to limit meetings before that time. I find by the end of the day, I am much better focused on admin activities, so I schedule them later in the day.

Foam Roll Every Day

A huge number of office workers suffer from Lumabago (lower back pain).

Most people think they can’t do anything about it, but in addition to finding a better office chair and getting a standing desk, you can do 5 minutes of foam rolling every day and have the effect of a hour-long massage.

Foam rolling has been shown to break up scar tissue, improve flexibility and help restore your posture – without having to spend tons of money on back surgery or pain medication. You can even get a massage gun if you’d like to have the work done for you.

There’s tons of free training on instagram, youtube and the app store if you need guidance on what to do exactly.

What habits will you be starting in the new year?