The world is in a global crisis and the last few months have been uncertain and unfamiliar. There is no definite time as to when everything will be back to normal.

Our world is very different right now and it looks like it might be this way for a bit longer. The number of positive cases is increasing day by day, and now it feels like social distancing has become the new normal.

People from all over the world are trying to indulge in immunity-boosting activities to be safe from the deadly virus. 

The global pandemic came with lots of consequences but it depends on the person how they may see it. I saw it as a positive opportunity for self-improvement and healing. It really made me a better person overall. Here are some of the habits I picked up during quarantine that I would have never thought of taking up in a non-COVID world. 

Read Books

Working a 9-5 job often meant being always surrounded by people or work. Before the lockdown happened I barely had the time to sit and read a book. But since the lockdown has started books have become my best friends. I love spending time reading books, listening to podcasts by my favorite authors, or reading articles online. And I definitely want to continue this habit in a post COVID world as well.


Quarantine made me realize I do have some cooking skills and trust me by cooking skills I mean some great cooking skills. When restaurants were closed and online food delivery wasn’t an option I started to experiment by watching some youtube and masterchef videos. And it turns out, the food prepared by your own hands is far more satisfying than the restaurant food. So far I’ve mastered some recipes and some are still in the queue. G


Nature is sending us a clear message. We are harming the natural world to our own detriment.  To care for humanity, we MUST care for nature. Planting trees is a practise that everyone should take up in order to make the world a better place to live. 

I’ve read some gardening books for beginners, watched DIY videos and started planting trees that don’t require much area to grow and in 4 months in quarantine I now have my own mini garden on my balcony. Watching your plant grow and flourish, after all that hardword is a great feeling. 

Skin Care

This quarantine period proved to be beneficial for my skin as I was less exposed to sun and no makeup products were used. I used quarantine as an opportunity and started taking care of my skin. Facepacks, cooling masks, and moisturizer is my recipe for healthy skin. I also started exfoliation with glycolic acid on a regular basis. 

Besides all these Yoga and meditation also helped a lot to reduce stress which in turn is a secret of a glowing happy skin. I drink plenty of water to keep my skin hydrated and acne free. Now I do all these things regularly and my skin has never felt better. 

Long Walks and Exercise

I am a bag full of laziness when it comes to exercise, but I decided to change that during this quarantine period. As I wasn’t travelling to work, I had ample free time so I started to go for a walk after dinner. So it was Exercise in the morning and long walks at night.  To my surprise, I’ve started feeling more active and energetic. 

In these stressful times of COVID exercise and meditation is the key to maintain health and stay calm. I’ve now started taking virtual exercise sessions. It is a great way to meet new people and maintain health at the same time.  

Healthy Diet

Before the lockdown started I used to live in a rented apartment near my workplace and I used to only live on junk food. Junk, Junk, and Junk all day! When the lockdown started I moved with my parents. This pandemic has taught me the importance of a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food. The only way to survive through this pandemic is to take the necessary precautions and to have a great immune system. 

I started to take a healthy diet now I eat green vegetables, fruits, and drink lots of fluid. Now I even follow a proper eating pattern and take every meal timely and that has in turn helped me to lose weight and maintain a high metabolism rate. 

Everyone is adapting to the sudden changes in their life caused due to this pandemic. Try picking up some small habits that could keep you productive as no one knows how” new normal” will look like. Small habits may not have an instant impact on your life but will surely help in the long run.