1. Gives your life meaning and direction
  2. Is necessary for you to be in spiritual alignment
  3. Empowers you and strengthens your convictions
  4. Helps you to maintain your focus
  5. You have daily joy, peace, and contentment
  6. Improves your total health

Know Your Purpose And Be Healthy

The evidence suggests that a lack of purpose may be the cause of many psychological, spiritual, physical, and financial problems.  This is not surprising as lack of clarity often leaves one confused.  A confused person does not make decisions that are healthy.  There is often no consideration of the facts, the truth, or logical thinking.  Often, a confused person is frequently blinded by their current state of dis-ease, discomfort, which causes them to go around in circles, making the same poor choices daily.

Your Emotions And Thoughts Matter

Trying to ignore your emotions, feelings, or thoughts will not increase your satisfaction in life.  Being afraid of your emotions, feelings, and thoughts paradoxically is what keeps you trapped in an unhealthy state.  Your emotions, feelings, and thoughts make you human.  Understanding and accepting the message being conveyed by your emotions, feelings, and thoughts is what enhances your satisfaction in life.  Learn to recognize that you feel sad because you just lost a loved one and that these emotions, feelings, and thoughts are all part of the healing process.  Get comfortable with your emotions, feelings, and thoughts; appreciate them as opportunities for your growth and for you to live life fully.

Single-minded Focus With Purpose

When you know definitively what you want, and fully understand the why behind your purpose, nothing distracts you.  You are dialed in and have “tunneled vision”.  You will not be distracted by things going on around you.  You will not be swayed by “perceived obstacles”.  You commit fully your money, energy, and time towards accomplishing and fulfilling this purpose.  More important, you do so from a state of constant joy, peace, and contentment. 

S.C.A.L.E. New Heights And Live Abundantly

This acronym is worth repeating because we are often running on automatic, and can fail to see the truth that’s right in front of our faces.  You are dissatisfied or unhappy with your life because it’s not what you envisioned.  However, your life is a mess because you have consistently ran away from facing the facts. You have been denying the truth your emotions, feelings, and thoughts were trying to tell you for years.

You are unhappy because you continue to ignore the message that what you are doing, how you are living is not in alignment with your true purpose. The destructive emotions, fearful feelings, and toxic thoughts crop up because your life is out of alignment.  Consider an automobile, when it is out of alignment, it does not run properly, and it eventually breaks down.  The same is true for us. 

Complete Spiritual Alignment

A totally healthy person, in complete alignment, operates from a state of love, feels empowered, and thinks positive thoughts. Is this all the time?  No! Yet, it is the majority of the time.  No one is perfect and life is constantly evolving and throwing curve balls.  However, when you are in complete spiritual alignment, you are better equipped to meet life head on with maximum joy, peace, and contentment. You are also able to adapt without compromising your beliefs and values.

Stop running away from your life [your life is happening for you right now]

Confront the emotions, feelings, thoughts [examine them for truth]

Accept gracefully the reality of the present

Love unconditionally by taking proper care of self

Embrace you, trusting the power within to guide you