We know that the ingredients contained in our personal care products are the key to obtain certain benefits that we want to see on our skin For example, looking like a porcelain-looking skin is something we usually crave, but often we are not using the right products or we are not clear about which ingredients can help us take care of our skin and achieve great results.


Brightens while moisturizing, reduces pores, delays the appearance of wrinkles and spots to achieve a smooth and even skin. Ceramides have excellent moisturizing and firming properties, you can find them in soaps, moisturizers, sun creams and a long etcetera.


It is refreshing and helps delay the aging of your skin; use it in night creams or masks, these products work at night and ensure a luminous skin, radiant and supports the fading of spots.


Elastin is part of your skin and along with collagen helps make it look younger and smoother, your skin requires these two elements because it is formed by 95% collagen, 3% elastin and the rest is constituted by blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves, sweat glands, etc. A decrease in this protein causes wrinkles, flaccidity, dry and fragile skin, which is happening over the years, you will find anti-aging creams and firming masks with these ingredients.


Does it sound familiar? Retinol comes in many of the anti-aging creams and you probably place it as Vitamin A; In addition to moisturizer is anti-wrinkle and anti-stain, it also helps to reverse the visible damage of the sun on your skin because it stimulates the production of collagen, promotes cell regeneration and fights oxidation. This makes it one of the most complete and effective assets, where can you find it? In anti-aging creams, facial gels, masks and even toners for the skin.


Although it is a common mineral for bones and teeth, it is also effective in regulating various functions of the skin as it helps cell renewal, to preserve its thickness, improves protection against pathogens. In addition, it intervenes in the production of oils on your skin, thus avoiding the dryness that makes it look off.


The slim and good looking bodies are always effected by the dull faces. so the question here is How To lighten Skin. for this there are some actions that you should do daily.

  • Eat Sleep and Work at Time
  • Give Proper attention to your Exercise
  • Do yoga daily
  • Eat Fresh Fruits.


It moisturizes your skin and eliminates excess fat, it also helps to tighten it and fight those small lines of expression, since it contains antioxidants that fight the signs of aging while closing pores and gives an impeccable appearance to your skin.

So if you want a healthy glow you know what ingredient to go to.

There are many products that contain more than one ingredient and you can experience the use of different alternatives to satisfy what your skin needs.

However, you should not go to the other extreme and saturate your skin because you could provoke a reaction to being over-nourished, so you should use products with these ingredients properly because if you apply five facial masks the same day you will only be wasting product, effort and money.

Remember to take care of your beauty by buying original and safe products from brands that are very committed to your well-being and that are within the formal market.