a person thinks of becoming his or her own boss, it can be the most
intimidating thought for anyone but also rewarding. It does not
necessarily mean starting a big business; it can be something small
like selling cupcakes in your neighborhood or beginning an e-commerce
company in the comfort of your home.

people, who are employed, are often curious what it’s like to be
their own boss. Some of them have admitted that being contracted has
its challenges as opposed to being self-employed. Freelance writing
is a form of subcontracting. It provides numerous benefits such as
good career progression and quick cash. Freelance writers render
their services to anyone who is in need of it, and in this way, they
work for hire. If you become successful, you get to work on projects
that you’re passionate about while still earning.

6 benefits to be considered as a freelance writer in comparison to
employment are:

  1. Flexibility

most significant advantage that a freelancer enjoys is having the
ability to choose when they want to work. A freelance writer can
choose to work from home as writing is mostly telecommuting. They do
not have to drive to work and, therefore, cut the cost of travel
expenses and time spent on commuting. Not a morning person? No
problem, just schedule your work in the evenings. It can be quite
hard for a person who is employed full-time. You do not have to spend
working 24 hours writing; you can set your schedule, which would
require you to balance between writing and doing other activities. It
is never about working hard, but working smart. It is a luxury that
employed people do not have. They mostly have to show up to work on a
daily basis, especially on weekdays, and work on a scheduled time
whereby they are not supposed to leave work until the time for going
home. A freelance writer can agree or decline to work on a particular
assignment if they are not comfortable with the style and format. It
may lead to productivity increase and satisfaction in a writer’s

  1. Higher

writers have a better chance of earning more money than employed
people. If a writer wants to make more, they have to take additional
jobs and market themselves more. You are in a place to ask payment
for your works worth as a freelancer and get all the profits after
you take away your expenses. When a freelance author writes quality
work and continuously
the set deadlines
then the clients may secure the writer’s services, and they can
have negotiations on increased payments. A full-time salaried person
might be stuck in a certain level for a long time with a fixed salary
and fewer opportunities for rising in position to enable them to ask
for a pay raise. Nothing is disheartening as finding out that, as a
salaried employee, that your boss is charging clients ten times more
than you are getting paid for a project in which you put all your

  1. Vast

essential benefit of freelance writing is the monetary reward. With
excellent writing skills, freelance writers are getting good jobs
currently. There is no reason to remain unemployed nowadays as there
are numerous opportunities in the writing field. Many websites are
seeking freelance work, and the job ranges from legal writing to
content development and academic writing. Most times, the freelancer
is in control of their desired compensation. It makes it easy for
them to earn while doing what they love and value and this is not the
case for an employed person. An employed person might find themselves
if they are not careful and ambitious enough, stuck in a particular
position in their whole career. An employee has limited chances of
getting a promotion or more high paying positions. Pay raises do not
come easy, and when they do, it is relatively nominal.

  1. Diverse
    Learning Experience

is a journey through which you get to learn invaluable lessons. There
are many styles of writing including APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago
among others. You get to choose topics that you are familiar with or
find something new and fresh. When you are a freelance writer, you
get to explore a myriad of subjects and select topics for informative
essays for students too. It all depends on your interest and how far
you want to take your freelancing career. You do not have to be
restricted, and so it is essential to find your writing niche. It
will make you enjoy writing, have a point of difference, produce
better quality work, secure high-quality work and write with great
ease. The more knowledge that you get, the more the doors to more
related opportunities in your writing career that open up. These
careers can range from becoming ghostwriters as well as technical
writers. Ghostwriters write e-books and other materials that get sold
quickly. However, people in the employment field can find themselves
stuck in a daily routine of doing the same things with no challenge
which can make a person’s mind not productive.

  1. Networking

writers have high chances of transacting business with many people on
a regular basis. The higher quality of work that you write, the more
possibilities that you are likely to get and more referrals which
translate to more money for you. Networking has turned out to be one
of the most important skills you need to start a
Whereas in the employment sector, not unless you are in sales,
marketing, advertising or public relations, the chances of networking
are not probable. Your job description might hinder you from meeting
and creating networks out there. It can make you not grow in the
sense of your career.

  1. No
    Office Politics and Annoying Co-workers

from home or the surrounding of your choice allows you to avoid
dealing with brownnosers and office gossip. Co-workers stealing
credit and your creativity should not concern you. You also don’t
have to worry about the lazy people who slack behind in their work,
and you all get blamed for it. The only problem you have to deal with
is when your cat wants to take a nap on your keyboard. The same
cannot be said when you are employed. You find that there’s always
that someone going behind your back to get that promotion before you.
Also, you can find a person who always tries to take advantage of
your hard work and pass it as their own to get the recognition from
the bosses at your workplace.

dreams of becoming their own boss someday. Why not start by writing?
You can make 2018 a great year in your freelance career.
is hard work
it is, therefore, essential to try and set you up to be relishing the
job as much as getting fruitful results. The freedom found when one
is their own boss and designing their work schedule is priceless. To
be a successful freelance writer requires determination, perseverance
and mostly follow through. To make your freelance authorship
sustainable, you must build an excellent reputation and create a list
of satisfied clients. Infectious enthusiasm impresses customers. When
you have all this, you will find writing rewarding. Give it a try
today and see new opportunities arising.

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