01/6 Tips to take from the king of the jungle

A symbol of power, courage and strength. A lion, called the king of the jungle, is born with charisma, a leadership quality, many of us humans get inspiration from. But did you know that there are several other life changing lessons that we can take from this ferocious animal? Scroll down if you want to benefit from valuable life altering lessons from a lion.

02/6 Goals

Now, a lion has just one goal and that is survival, like most animals. Their cubs, mates and pack can be collateral damage if they have to survive. Such is the determination! They have to hunt, defend their territory and protect their pride and they can do anything for them. Lesson to learn? Set a goal in life, have an agenda and work towards it until you achieve it, overcome obstacles no matter how big or small.

03/6 Never give up

Lions never give up. They can pick up a fight with animals bigger than them and lose too, but that does not bring them down. After all, it is about their survival, their pride’s existence, their territory. Life is a rollercoaster, full of moments when you do fail and that is part and parcel of everyone’s life. Like they say, when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade. Try and try until you succeed.

04/6 Strategise

The cat family should be awarded for their strategies when they hunt. They wait patiently, walk stealthily and pounce when the time is right. We humans can learn that from them. To get what you want, it is important to not just jump into it, but make or build a proper strategy to achieve our goal. Make less noise, work harder. The world will see when you make it big. Let your actions speak louder than your words.

05/6 Work together

They move in packs. They work together, support each other when they go for the kill. When the strength is enough, only then can you achieve bigger goals. You do need help on any path of life. If you need help, ask and when someone asks for help, be there. Consult family, friends or whoever to get going. Maintain good relations with people around you (no matter how selfish that sounds). And do remember that it works both ways, so be there for them too or else you will be chucked out of the group.

06/6 Don’t back down

You must know how to and when to defend yourself. In the end you have to survive like a lion. Instead of constantly yelling and complaining, remember that a lion roars only when he has to and that shakes the world around him. That one single roar makes a difference! Be loud, only when you have to. Choose your battles wisely but never take anyone’s nonsense.