1. Do not live in the past
The greatest life coaches preach it. It’s a lesson I’ve known about for a while. But I don’t think it was until recently that I actually decided to listen to this advice. I used to struggle with letting past mistakes and failures define me and consume my brain. Little did I know, letting that stuff fill up my thoughts wasn’t leaving room for any new growth. If I made a mistake or had a regret, I would hold onto that feeling for a long time. I’ve learned to actually practice letting go of those things that cause me feelings of guilt or anger. And doing so has allowed me to allow more positive things to flow into my life.

2. Write your goals out
Setting goals and writing them down has been a huge game changer in my life. I like to go into each month knowing what I want to achieve that month. I also set weekly goals that work towards the monthly goal. Write your goals down and read them often to keep yourself focused.

3. Give more than you take
I’m surrounded by people who give an immense amount of value. I’ve seen people who don’t have much at all give what they do have. It has inspired me to do the same. Give what you can give and it will come back tenfold.

4. It is better to try and fail than to not try at all
This has been a tough one for me. Earlier in my business, I was such a perfectionist to the point where it was holding me back from any progress. I would write blog posts but not post them because I was afraid they weren’t perfect. I would learn a new skill set but be afraid to try it because I didn’t want to fail. I would avoid making sales calls because I was afraid that my pitch wasn’t perfect and I’d get turned down. Fail fast and learn from your mistakes.

5. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself
The past few years, I’ve invested in business coaches, fitness coaches, and much more. Some people thought I was dumb for doing it. “Why would you pay for fitness coaching when you know what you’re doing,” or “You can learn all that stuff online.” I have learned that you are way more invested in anything when you spend money on it. You also get insight, perspectives, and techniques that you might not think about on your own. Don’t be afraid of spending money on something that will help you grow.

6. Don’t ever give up on yourself
I saved the best for last. This is the most important lesson that I want to share with you guys. The last six years of my life have been a roller coaster. As my fellow entrepreneurs would know, the entrepreneurial journey is not easy. I’ve had the highest of highs and I’ve hit the lowest of lows. I’ve spent time questioning my purpose, my life direction, and myself. There were many times where I felt like I was not cut out for this. Times I thought I should throw in the towel and quit on my dreams. If you’re ever feeling like this, know you’re not alone. And know that you are capable of achieving your goals and making your dreams come to life.