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Nighttime depression is an overwhelmingly common issue among Americans. More of us are victims of this condition than we care to admit. A quick analysis of Google’s search algorithm shows that nighttime depression search occurs over 900 times per month. Perhaps even more interesting is that it seems to be more prevalent in those who are responsible for other people’s hopes, dreams, and general wellbeing, such as entrepreneurs, caregivers, and health coaches. What could be the reason for this?

The answer is more complex that you think. These groups hold a large responsibility for other people’s lives. For instance, entrepreneurs work in a high risk environments. Each decision they make must be weighed in depth because a bad decision could lead to a financial crisis affecting their employees, family members, and customers. The stress is high. Health coaches and caregivers are subjected to similar levels of stress because they are focused heavily on the wellbeing of others.

Stress faced by these professionals is unique because it is not a stress out of selfish reasons. Reiki has taught us that when you care for others, you are actually using the universe’s energy on others. Sometimes, when your care is extreme, your own healing energy gets diverted to them. Because of this, the healing energy that was keeping you healthy gets depleted, resulting in nighttime depression. That doesn’t mean you stop caring for others. You can gain back your spiritual healing energy directly from the universe by making small changes to your routine.

Want to know how? Here are the 6 little changes that will make a big difference to your nighttime depression.

Nighttime Depression Routine #1: Chakra Balancing in Shower

A shower after a hard day at work feels refreshing. If you combine it with chakra alignment, it may ease or eliminate the feelings associated with your nighttime depression. Here’s how you do it.

Stand under the shower, and let the water run down from your head to toes. Close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Take care that the water does not go in your nose while you breathe. Visualize a white light on top of your head. Feel it as it enters the crown of your head, as the water flows over your head. Guide the light to your third eye, where you will see a purple light. As you guide the light to your throat area, you will experience the light turning blue. Similarly, visualize green, yellow, orange, and red colors as you guide the light through your heart, solar plexus, sacral chakra, and the root chakra.

Finally, embrace the light emanating from all your chakras by visualizing them as a rainbow that envelops you in their warmth like a cocoon. Now, you are protected by the energy of the universe, which will heal your mind and soul. This is one of the benefits of Reiki. The soul energy that you have been spending on others will be replenished. Practice this daily, and you can continue to love and care all you want, without having to worry about nighttime depression.

Nighttime Depression Routine #2: Reiki Calls for Peace and Tranquility

Reiki calls for a balanced lifestyle. I have helped many of my clients regain that balance. They have described it as one of the biggest benefits of Reiki. Whether it is happiness, sorrow, joy or disappointment, there has to be a balance. Did you know that thanks to the universe’s healing energy all around us and inside us, our minds and souls are always working hard to be in the balance? It just that sometimes other factors come into play making the total alignment challenging.

One of the harmful habits we have developed in this age of consumerism is an appetite for drama. We may not be aware of it, but often we feel restless without the drama that surrounds us in the form of movies, TV shows, and relationships. Too much drama is not good for the mind. All those unnecessary mood swings throw your emotions out of balance, which disrupts your healing energy. Any disruption to healing energy may lead to physical and mental issues, including nighttime depression. So this tip calls for a conscious effort to get rid of the drama in your life, or reduce it. You will begin to notice an instant positive effect.

Nighttime Depression Routine #3: Open Yourself Up To Divine Guidance

If you are an entrepreneur, caregiver, or health coach, you are probably highly motivated with a powerful sense of purpose. You are independent, and you may struggle with asking for help. You want to solve tomorrow’s problems and help people today. But here’s the kicker, you begin to feel responsible for everything around you. This undue stress may cause a variety of psychological problems, including nighttime depression. You must heal and balance your body, mind, and spirit to allow energy to flow into all areas of your life.

Once you learn the principles of Reiki, you understand that you are just one part of the puzzle. Sure, the reality around you is a product of you. But, it is also the product of everyone around you and their interactions with the universe. The universe’s healing energy guides everyone on a path that is best suited for them. So, set aside your ego, and give your spirit enough room to express itself. You don’t have to solve every problem. Let the solution come to you. And, it does. When you begin to accept Reiki and be guided by it, you may be surprised at the liberation you experience. Your nighttime depression may also vanish as you begin to heal and open yourself up to divine guidance.

Nighttime Depression Routine #4: Allow Reiki to Help You Listen

Usually, psychological problems are a symptom of a problem that you are having in life. It could be a bad breakup, a business issue, or a friend’s failing health. Much of these problems can be solved by Reiki’s listening principles. Reiki offers a balance of mental and spiritual peace. When you are truly at peace with yourself, you begin to listen to others.

Often, the solutions to our problems are right in front of us. Despite the insistence of our friends and family, we stubbornly do not acknowledge them. I have seen this happen. If you allow Reiki to lead you and listen for solutions, you will be guided to solve your problems with more ease. This ease and clarity will set your body in the right state for sleep.

Nighttime Depression Routine #5: Practice Reiki with Family

Reiki doesn’t take much practice. Once you have your Reiki attunement, you can practice it with your family daily. It can be for 5 minutes, or it can be for 10 minutes. Sitting together on a patio, hold each other’s hand, and channel your healing energy to your family members. This practice can induce a state of relaxation, relieve symptoms of anxiety and promote healing, all key factors in minimizing your nighttime depression. This way, you can receive the universe’s healing energy surrounded by those closest to you.

Nighttime Depression Routine #6: Decorate Your Home with Dai Ko Myo Symbol

The Dai Ko Myo symbol is a powerful symbol known to Reiki masters as a bearer of good mental health. It is said to cure nighttime depression, anxiety, and a host of other psychological problems. It has a powerful effect on humans because it directly affects our soul. No wonder many decorate their homes with the Dai Ko Myo symbol!

But, that’s just part of the story.

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