International Women’s Day, this year on March 8, is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the world. And this year the theme of IWD is #BreakTheBias. This means dismantling the stereotypes, discrimination, and unconscious judgments that we face every day. While this might feel like a daunting task, at Thrive we know that all great things start small. So we’ve put together a list of six Microsteps that create opportunities for inclusion and empowerment at work and at home. 

Today, and during all of Women’s History Month, use these small strategies to lift women up, challenge biases, and build empathy for women in your life, and all over the world.

1. At the start of your next meeting, ask a woman in the room to share her point of view.

Creating space for other women to open up without fear of judgment is a simple way to show them that their voices are welcome and valued.

2. Start a conversation with a woman from a different background than your own.

Listening to her experiences will help you broaden your perspective and build empathy for those who are different from you.

3. If someone says something that strikes you as biased against women, ask them, “Why do you feel that way?”

Simple questions can help bring awareness to unconscious bias and support positive transformations.

4. Share your gratitude with a woman in your life who inspires you. 

Gratitude is a powerful way for women to uplift other women. Not only does it boost the well-being of others, but it supports your own happiness and resilience.

5. Ask for honest feedback from a woman on your team. 

Ask, “What’s one thing I could do differently?” instead of just asking if they have any feedback. They’ll be more likely to respond with honesty when you make it clear that you want to grow.

6. Read a book by a female author from a different background. 

Whether fiction or nonfiction, this can open your eyes to new experiences and cultures and help you build empathy.


  • Jordan Hutchinson

    Associate Editor of Content Development at Thrive

    Jordan Hutchinson is an Associate Editor at Thrive. She started at Thrive as a Content Fellow in 2021, and is now supporting the development of new content and curriculum across the company. She is also a recent graduate from George Washington University with backgrounds in English literature, creative writing, French language, and psychology.