Life is a collaboration of what we see, feel and believe! It’s how we perceive the world. But our world most of the times revolves around our lives which we yearn to create beautifully.

It’s rare to find any soul without dreams and fantasies cause each one of us carries a magically perfect world deep down our heart and we struggle to shape our reality closely matching to the perfect world hidden in our heart. We also are able to find happiness when we realize that our reality is close to this perfect world which is ever- evolving.

Aha! now, this is the catch with Life. The imaginary world in our minds is changing every moment due to our new feels and experiences. Thus the happy feeling in our hearts is rare. When the reality and imaginary world are about to strike a balance, we unnecessarily or purposefully tend to make ultra modifications to the imaginary world and tweak it as much possible.

I wondered to myself one day about how I would be successful in achieving the perfect balance between my reality and fantasy life. I started reading about philosophies and successful people who were able to put together a life worth living. Though I refuse to believe that everybody’s goals are equal or that when we attain our highest goals in life then we have the tranquility of mind. Never! But because of I am the ever curious person that I am, I wanted to establish some grounds for myself to find a path towards meaningful life. I am yet to reach there but yes today I am decently aware of carving out my way towards that order. After a lot of reading and listening to various preachers and trying out a variety of traditions recommended by them, I have zeroed down to 6 miracle habits which we can inculcate to make a Healthy Morning Ritual of our own. This ritual may be described in books and articles but I have my unique style of practicing the “SAVERS” ritual and I totally swear by it.


Silence may be familiar to those people who are naturally very quiet and like to stay by themselves in the mornings. But silence here means meditation, a zone wherein we are just with our deepest thoughts. It’s excellent to awaken our whims and wishes first thing in the morning since we are in the subconscious state of mind and it instantly boosts our frequencies.


Affirmations are the wonderful positive notes to ourself. I once learned that “I AM” are the two most powerful words in whole wide world and whatever we suffix with “I AM”, we eventually become that. I absolutely love this part and take it very seriously. “Boldly I confess, my mind is alert. My heart is receptive and I would never be the same” (from the Bible).


This part is vital for success and we may practice it in the mornings as well as before bed time. Even 5 mins of fully focussed visualization will drive our subconscious mind to act on our goals and also align our behavior towards it. The thoughts that sink into our subconscious mind drive us into the corresponding action. There is a reason why people are raving about “Law of Attraction” and the reason being that IT WORKS!!!


I cannot emphasize enough about the benefits of exercising in the morning. It’s not that everyone should hit the gym. It is about moving our body. We can go for a run, a swim or maybe a 15mins of Yoga. It will just refresh your energy levels. If we are running late, we may like to do 5-10 Surya Namaskars and get going.


I hate people who read newspapers in the morning. Yes, I know its weird but I hate it. I do not like feeding my subconscious mind with things like crime, politics, current affairs hence I say NO to newspapers in the mornings. Maybe read some good quotes to kick start my day or if I have time read a good book which motivates my personal well-being. Reading something positive in the mornings is going to linger on our mind for throughout the day, which also doesn’t allow me to go through the social media. When I do not find any positive articles handy, I ready Hanuman Chalisa. It makes me powerful. Haha!


Scribing here means making short notes like “What I am grateful for?”, “What would make today great?” These notes are the powerful declarations that we are making with confidence so that we live those declarations. I am currently obsessed with “The Five Minute Journal” which I keep on my night stand and would reach out for it every single morning and before snoozing off. This last part of the healthy ritual is a complete “game- changer”.

We all are trying out various ways to get there. So here I am recommending these habits so that each day we become more aware than we were yesterday, bring more meaning to the lovely place called Life. I am not saying we should do this every morning, but I am just saying…. 🙂