working from home

From someone who has not worked in a traditional office space for five years, I understand the challenges that come from working in the same building that you eat, sleep, and relax. Since deciding to work remotely, I have worked from all sorts of environments such as a quiet forest with only the sounds of nature, a smokey (and often rowdy) late-night bar, or sitting around in my pajamas working out of bed.

From all the different working environments I have experienced, believe it or not, working from home is one of the most challenging places to stay focused.

As a business owner with Animas Marketing, my mind is always jumping around, and staying focused has saved me countless hours each day. Thankfully, I have found some neat ways to stay on track when working from home.

Get off Social Media (Especially Facebook)

I would love to think that I do not have a problem with checking social media but that would be a lie. When working from home without restrictions, I find myself constantly checking my Facebook news feed- as if my mind is looking for some sort of distraction for work.

Then I found the News Feed Eradicator App on Google Chrome which has completely removed the news feed from my Facebook. This means that whenever I head over to Facebook (which happens often by habit), I will not have the ability to scroll through my news feed and waste time when I should be working.

Routine Exercise in the Middle of the Day

No matter who you are, working a straight 8 hours without much of a break is not healthy and can make you less productive for the hours you are working. Therefore, I take a full hour in the middle of the day to exercise and work out to get my blood flowing again and give me a boost of afternoon energy.

Sounds boring? Find an at-home piece of exercise equipment that will allow you to indulge in your favorite TV show so you can take your mind off work for a bit while pumping energy through your body. I love using a rowing machine which is easy on the joints and allows me to watch my latest show and not feel bad about it.   

Using Health Supplements and Tea to Boost Energy and Clarity

We all know just how awesome coffee can be first thing in the morning to help give that initial “boost” but how do you deal with afternoon crashes?

I use two methods that help me stay focused in the afternoon… using an organic CBD tincture from 43 CBD Solutions and indulging in my afternoon green tea. The tincture helps my mind stay calm and helps with staying on topic (you can enjoy 20% off with code WELCOME).

The green tea helps activate and prolong the caffeine in my body as well as wakes me up with a warm afternoon drink.

Close the Doors and ask Family for Space

One of the most important methods for helping with focus when working from home was having that conversation with my wife about needing working space and keeping distractions to a minimum. Having family at home while working can be a huge distraction and having an understanding about working hours and lack of distractions can go a long way.

With friendly and respectful communication, any partner or family member will understand and work with you on this request.

Additional Tips for Working from Home

There is no right or wrong way to successfully work from home without distractions, but I hope that these tips can help you with some additional methods for boosting your productivity. We also recommend simple changes to your daily schedule to boost focus such as more routines in your workday, a specific time set aside for emails, and morning yoga or stretching.