Just when the news about the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t get any worse, many of us are freaking out about what to do. Although the situation may seem out of control and too overwhelming, there’s something we all can do from washing our hands thoroughly and avoiding public places to staying at home and working remotely. Quarantine is actually possible for many people, and it can help protect both you and those around you, who may be more vulnerable. 

Self-isolation comes with a few concerns, including food, medication, and for some reason, toilet paper. However, for many students who suddenly found themselves unable to do everything they are used to, the issue is also about staying productive. If you are reading this article, we can assume that you’re someone who needs it, so let’s go over some ideas of productive things to do while in quarantine. 

1. Read a book


There’s a good chance that you may have a whole list of books you’ve meant to read but would constantly put them aside. Our daily commutes only take so much time that we hardly get time to read any books apart from the academic ones and let’s be real, public transports are not the best places to read. And the rest of your day can be either jam-packed with plans or simply be dedicated to a little time off. Now, when there’s not that many errands distracting you, feel free to grab a book and be a little productive without doing too much.

2. Catch up on your studies


During the semester, there’s a chance that you my get overwhelmed with all of the essay assignments, projects, and deadlines. But now, staying at home for weeks and having some free time to breathe, you can catch up on whatever you didn’t have time to study before. Regardless of whether your professors gave you numerous assignments or not, you may tell yourself, ‘I will do my homework’, read a few research paper articles today, or finally, finish working on that essay chapter on equal pay that I’ve been skipping from 2019. Even though you don’t know how the finals will be, it never hurts to be prepared for an exam. Either way, you will give yourself a chance to be a better prepared for any situation moving forward.

3. Cook a meal


One of the obvious downsides of lockdown is that you can’t go out to eat with your friends. One of the fun things to do, however, is searching a bunch of new recipes, eating and enjoying them with your roommates, friends, and family. You may have gotten used to junk food and boxed mac and cheese for dinner, but there’s much more to be discovered. This is the time to try some healthy food.

4. Watch a movie


Other than books, we also believe that you have a whole list of movies you didn’t have enough time to watch before. While watching a silly comedy may not be the most productive way to spend two hours, think about all of the documentaries that are out there. One of the great things is that many companies have changed their pricing for a limited period of time, which means that you can either not pay at all for paid streaming services or pay very little.

5. Pick up a new hobby


Doing something you enjoy is great boredom therapy. Although you can’t really start horseback riding all of a sudden, you can try to sketch, write poetry, or edit videos. Regardless of what you’ve been interested in for a long time, feel free to look up tutorials and masterclasses online to explore the world of a hobby you may have never thought about before. In the worst-case scenario, you will be sure that one hobby was definitely not your thing; otherwise, you may find your new passion in life. 

Staying isolated for prolonged time periods can be challenging, but now, it is need of the hour. While quarantine is important to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, you can use this free time for your own benefit. There are many ways for you to be productive while you’re in self-isolation, and we hope that this article could inspire you to become a better person. As always, don’t forget to wash your hands regularly, don’t touch your face when outside, and sanitize the surfaces you touch often.