Do you feel stuck in some aspect of your life? You’re not alone.

It’s part of the human condition to want to experience growth and feel purpose. The stats don’t lie; personal development is a $10 billion industry. A study revealed that 3 in 10 people feel stuck and unfulfilled in life. That’s a dismal number when we’re talking about happiness.

Feeling stagnant in life can leave one feeling depressed and directionless. It becomes a matter of truly living life versus merely surviving.

You deserve to live a fulfilling life but that kind of change seems daunting. Perhaps you’ve tried, but something seemed to get in your way.

In my experience, I found that periods of significant growth didn’t come easily. In fact, I had to be intentional and self-reflective to see real change. I needed to ask myself a few questions to take the first step into a new chapter of my life.

If you feel ready to get un-stuck but are having trouble taking the first step, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I being honest with myself?
    You can put up a facade with others, but not with yourself. You know when you’re acting from a place of greed, fame-seeking, people-pleasing, etc. Growth happens from authenticity; it has internal motivations, not external. You can’t fake it to yourself if you’re being true to that.
  2. Am I allowing myself space to heal?
    Do you still hang out with your toxic friends? Are you filling your schedule with busywork instead of time to rest? You need the space to heal; both mentally and physically. Create a life that heals, not one that holds you back.
  3. Am I being compassionate and patient with myself?
    Giving compassion to others seems straightforward; it’s when we turn that compassion inward that things become complicated. We know our potential. When we’re not living up to it, self-criticism ensues. Remember to show compassion for yourself along the way. Growth takes time; it’s never instant.
  4. Am I comfortable with who I am?
    To show compassion, you must truly love yourself. Self-hate is rampant in our society today. Comparison is deeply embedded in our culture, and as a result, we don’t like who we are. If that’s the case, your growth may need to begin with learning to be comfortable in your own skin; to see someone you, at the very least, accept when you look in the mirror.
  5. Am I doing what I need to do to thrive?
    Are you learning the new skill required to change careers? Are you working through past traumas so you can navigate from a healed place in the present? Growth takes action; it never comes to those who are passive.
  6. Am I ready?
    Or are you holding yourself back? Do you have beliefs that are keeping you from stepping into this new chapter of your life? Perhaps it’s fear, belief systems instilled in you as a child, or not being ready for change, even if it’s good. Take a hard look at if you’re the one holding yourself back.