The wood is strong and pleasant. It is a living material that brings warmth to our home and that withstands the passage of time like few others. However, when it comes to placing it on the floor of our house, doubts arise: will it be easy to install hardwood floor? Will it be easily damaged? Is its maintenance simple or complicated? In this ideas article we want to clarify these and other doubts about wooden flooring and break a spear in favor of this unique and timeless material.

If you are hesitating between a natural or synthetic laminate floor, keep in mind that although both types of flooring wear out over time, natural wood (regardless of type) can be renewed by stabbing. The synthetic, however, cannot be renewed and will have to be thrown away and a new one installed. In short: even if the initial investment is higher, choosing a natural floor over a synthetic one will save headaches, not to mention the elegance of natural wood.

1. Wood is strong

 We have chosen the professionals of Timber plan, one of the leading companies in the woodworking sector, to guide them on this journey through the benefits of wooden floors.

The floor of the living room that we show in this first image is covered with a type of parquet, from the Indus Parquet brand, and made with tropical woods. This type of wood is very resistant and guarantees a good result, both indoors and outdoors. They are perfect for spaces like the one we show, an interior room but with large windows that let in the sun’s rays.

2. Wood makes rooms warm

Wood instantly transforms a room, adding style and character to it. In the bedrooms, wood will guarantee the feeling of warmth. Thanks to the multitude of finishes and shades that exist on the market today, there will be no problems in combining the flooring with our favorite decorative style. On the other hand, with so many different options choosing the right flooring can be difficult. Contact a wood flooring professional if you need help.

3. Wood helps increase home values

We have already counted several times that wood matures with age and this will help increase the value of your property, not only aesthetically but also economically. Remember that homes with wooden floors are more attractive at the time of sale.

4. Wood motifs and finishes

The different types of parquet facilitate the work of decoration and make it possible for us to personalize our house also under our feet. In the photograph we show an innovative, risky and different design halfway between the Arnsberg parquet and the Versailles parquet. A design suitable only for the most daring.

5. Natural environment and character

Have you ever seen a wooden floor like this? Oak paving stone parquet looks rough and dark. Its grain structure gives it extra resistance to abrasion and is very durable. If in the previous proposal we showed you an almost stately design, these wooden slabs will bring a suitable rough touch to any room, always softened by the warmth of the material.

6. Simple cleaning and maintenance

If we take proper care of our wooden floor, without the need for extra precautions we will enjoy an element that will last for many years. When cleaning it, it is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner instead of the broom to collect all the dirt and avoid the sandpaper effect that sometimes produces the brush rubbing. It can also be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or mop. Some experts recommend stabbing these floors every seven or ten years, if the term is extended, it will be necessary to sand it more and we will lose centimeters in thickness.