6 Reasons Why Articles Fail

Content is king online. We have heard this statement repeatedly because of its prevailing truth. Despite this truth, however, articles frequently fail.

Below are 6 of many reasons for an article failure.

#1 Bad Headlines

Most online readers scan before reading. They are usually online for the sole purpose of searching for information. Therefore, they do not typically begin reading the first article or post they see. They begin by scanning the headlines to determine if they should invest time in reading the corresponding content.

Headlines are the billboards that get the reader’s attention. They tell the reader, “Yes! Read me! I contain the information you need!” or “No! Pass me by!

I have no useful information for you!” Therefore, it is imperative that headlines be written thoughtfully and purposefully. Bad headlines can deter readers and are a major reason why articles fail.

#2 Poor Page Design

“It’s all about the visual.” “Presentation is the key.” These statements are true online, also. Web design must project the proper image or “feel.” It must match the content the webpage contains. Take time to plan the design of your blog.

Give careful thought to functionality,layout, color palette, and maintainability. Ensure that your blog provides a pleasant user experience.

Good page design keeps visitors coming back to your page repeatedly. Poor page design can frustrate visitors and deter them from returning and becoming regular readers of your blog. Articles will definitely fail if they are not being read.

#3 Inadequate “About” Page

Your “About” page introduces your readers to you, your product, service, or cause. Use it to answer the most obvious and important questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Establish your credibility and authenticity by informing your readers about who you are. Present yourself as a reliable source of the content you provide. Readers will return to your website regularly when they know they can rely on finding the information they want and need.

Articles fail when readers lack confidence in the validity of the content or writer.

#4 Poor Writing Style

Writing style is of the utmost importance in creating successful articles. Written content must be conveyed in a manner that is easily readable, sensible, understandable, and enjoyable. Readers must be able to comprehend your posts without needing to use a dictionary or “figure it out.”

Know your target audience and write specifically for them. Whether your objective is to inform, persuade, or entertain, your article must be concise, well written and free from spelling and grammatical errors. Articles fail when they are poorly written.

#5 No Way to Subscribe

Blogging is like offering a subscription service. You want your readers to return over, and over, and over again. However, successful subscriptions are always automatic.

Be sure to include a web form on your blog to make it easy for your regular readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Articles fail when they are not easily accessible.

#6 Insufficient Reading

Be an avid reader. Reading keeps you informed. It increases your knowledge of your niche, target audience, and trends. Most importantly, it enhances your writing skills. Be a reader in order to be a writer. Poor writing equals article failure.

If you desire to have a successful blog, familiarize yourself with these six reasons for blog failure and take the necessary precautions to avoid these.

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay