Pet-friendly workplaces like Google, Amazon, and Etsy are the future. Today’s employees need more than a desk and a computer to keep them productive. They need stimulation, support, and someone to help them through a rough patch at work. They need their friends. They need dogs. 

Man’s best friend has become a staple at many offices. Whether you bring along your buddy or enjoy the company of the firm’s mascot, chances are you’re going to find your day at work much more enjoyable. 

Offices that are still not dog-friendly should take a peek at these 6 benefits of having a dog at work. A change of heart is guaranteed! 

1. The Best Stress Relievers

You know how a terrible day gets a whole lot better when you come home, and a smiling face and a wagging tail greets you at the door? No wonder! Dogs are natural stress relievers. 

People who bring their dogs to work tend to have their stress levels more under control than people who don’t bring their dogs along. They seem to manage work tasks better and don’t feel the pressure if something is expected from them.

2. Dogs Promote Good Social Skills 

A pet-friendly workspace has satisfied co-workers. Morale never seems to be low, and the general atmosphere feels relaxed. Teamwork is a crucial part of every workspace, and with great social skills comes good interpersonal relationships. 

So, next time your colleague Jessica stops by your desk, introducing her to your unique German Shepherd Husky mix might be a reason for the two of you to finally go over that little argument over your latest project.

3. Dogs Save Money… For Real!

Seriously, pets at work will save the employees money. Think of the ridiculous amounts a dog owner has to spend on doggy daycare or dog walking services. Many dog breeds don’t cope well with separation, even for only a few hours a day. Such dogs tend to develop anxiety issues, which often result in aggressive and destructive behavior. 

Bringing your dog along to work will make a positive impact on your employees’ budget, and thus, make them a whole lot happier. 

4. Pets Make Your Company Look Good

Real-life experience has proven that customers who interact with an employee’s pet have positive feedback about the whole company and its service. Having pets at the office makes your company look more approachable to potential customers and future employees.

 Who wouldn’t like to work in a place where a dog is treated like a part of the team?

5. Dog At Work = High Performance

Singles who live with their dogs tend to perform better if their dogs are always with them. The reason is quite simple: they don’t have to rush home to feed the dog. These employees tend to work harder and stay longer hours to finish their tasks for the day. 

Also, if the dog is right by them, they don’t have to worry about a single thing, and their attention doesn’t shift to something else other than their job. 

6. A Pet-Friendly Workspace Attracts Talent

Just like women choose a job with the most generous maternity leave, dog owners will choose a workspace that tolerates dogs. 

These talented dog owners/employees will show their loyalty if the company treats their four-legged buddies the right way. A happy employee won’t leave easily.