Wellness is all around is at the moment and it’s an incredible thing. It seems to be moving from trendy buzz words to something with more intent, science backed, researched and conscious decisions. Meditation is one of the most potent tools in the wellness toolbox but the single most misunderstood and yearned for.

I hear from almost all of my clients that meditation is a practice that they want but… the reasons often focus on not being able to sit still, empty the mind, it just not quite fitting with their personality. Mums in particular feel a barrier. They are already stressed, time poor and have minds that are whirring. My goal is to show all my clients how accessible meditation is and how it can fit into your everyday life, and then there are the benefits! From a healthier, happier brain to less stress, the benefits of meditation are numerous – you just have to actually do it!

Our modern lives are a swirl of chaos and finding respite can feel almost impossible. As we are nearing Christmas, it got me thinking about how we often view a holiday as the only opportunity for us to fully relax and let go, something to crawl over the line until we can finally take a breath. Living like this will lead to burnout and it is essential for us to find ways to quiet our stressed out, hyped-up minds.

The good news is that there is a way to do this. Meditation. Perhaps you’ve dipped your toe in. Perhaps it is on your list of new year resolutions or perhaps it’s on your to-do list once things calm down a bit. What if I told you that there is never a perfect time to start other than now to start (or re-start) your meditation practice. It’s about consistency not perfection you see.

Meditation doesn’t need much. It’s always there for you, drug-free, instrument free, and benefits your heart, mind and even your gut! Discover the reasons why now is the best time to start and how you can actually fit it into your schedule and ditch the excuses!


For many, the word meditation springs to mind images of sitting serenely, cross-legged in peace. I want you to banish this image. You can now find meditation in boardrooms, sports changing rooms, classrooms, even in military war rooms! Meditations proven results has many high-achievers looking into it and it’s often listed as one of the top things to kick start if you want to be at your very best.

Tip: Find your favourite position to practice. To be show, try it out different ways and see what clicks for you. Is it on a chair, feet flat on the ground. Perhaps standing or even walking (one of my favourites). When you are starting out just let go of perfection and what you ‘should’ be doing and focus only on your breathing. No judgment.


Yes, the more that you do it the better the outcome but this doesn’t mean committing to hours and hours. What it is all about is weaving it into your day and I highly recommend attaching to other already established habits. Start small, simple and enjoy it. As you grow and cultivate your practice you will learn what you need the most but as you are starting out, think about these tips.

Tip: Try first thing in the morning, before the crazy kicks in. If you need to, get up a little earlier. For a few minutes add in a meditation. You can be sitting in bed, you don’t even need to get up!

If you commute to work, use this as a time to throw on some headphones and try a guided meditation. Calm and Headspace are my favourites for this.

Drop the social media scrolling and try meditation in this space instead. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!

At the end of the day, let go of the day that’s been and soothe your mind with a calming meditation and see how you sleep after!


The benefits to the brain are immense, there are even some studies that say that meditation can turn back the clock and make us younger! It helps us to improve our focus, attention, memory, the way that we process information and even gives a boost of creativity. We can connect to others better and we can process emotions and feelings with far less effort.


Anxiety is something that many of us live with, especially at the moment. Meditation can give your mood a boost by releasing feel-good endorphins, helping to take the edge of anxiety. As it moves us from a fight or flight response it can decrease our blood pressure and help us into rest and digest. This allows us to sleep better – and there isn’t much that sleep can’t heal.

Tip: Try out 10 minutes a day for two weeks and take note of the impact that it has on you. You can use a guided meditation or simple find the space to focus on your breathe.


You don’t even need to go it alone. If you are learning and building your practice find your tribe, it will make a world of difference. One thing that I have noticed from our new COVID world is the access to practices like yoga, meditation and even breath work has sky rocketed.

Tip: Find your style, find a class. You can jump online, take part in any of the numerous free classes on social media or even find a local group. Now is a great time to join with others, in person or online.


This is the most important. A meditation practice helps you to manage and tame strong emotions and ride out those choppy waves of life. It won’t stop you from experiencing life but it will help you adapt, reduce reactivity and build up resilience. In short you will be able to pause, acknowledge and then make conscious decisions in how you want to act. When you come at the day from a calmer place, then triggers simply won’t have the same impacts.

Tip: Take a moment to write out where you get triggered the most often or you are thrown off balance. Then as you build up your practice you will start to realise how you move from reacting to acting.

If you are starting out or want to know more then head to Conscious Me for workshops, events or coaching.